Monday May 28 2012.


Photographer Brooke Schultz from Utah is in her own words ‘a nice human‘ and I can vouch for that as today she’s sharing her top tips for perfect Wedding photos for you Bijou Brides and Grooms.  To Brooke, Wedding photography is a way of bottling memories and who wouldn’t want to look their best.  Over to Brooke…

1. Do a First Look.

This moment is so special and just can’t be replicated. These photos are some of the most emotional, tender, and all-around incredible–that’s why we photographers love it so much. The First Look also gives us a chance to connect before the ceremony and lets us iron out any last-minute details.

2. Write a letter to your groom.

And give it to him at the First Look or another quiet part of the day. Creating personal moments where you can connect with each other and fully experience the day will make it magical–not to mention the magical photos it will produce. This can be achieved in so many ways–here’s where you let your creativity loose, baby!

3. Have a bridal party brunch

While bridal party formals are wonderful, I find that so many weddings don’t leave much time for experiencing and capturing the incredible relationships within the bridal party. Create an intimate part of the day where you can just be with your most favorite people, and the gorgeousness of genuine laughter and love will follow.

4. Make your reception unique to you.

If you’re just interested in candids of your guests, consider having the photographer there for the first half hour only. This is the time when photographers get antsy, because with 2 hours of “candids” we quickly run out of things to photograph. Sure, I’ll snag your shoes, rings, bouquets, and other things, but chances are I’ve already photographed these things in 1) better light 2) a location that’s more meaningful. If we’ve worked out your timeline right I’ve already photographed all the details of the reception when they were pristine, and I’m not going to waste my time or yours snapping photos of half-eaten meals or guests trying to eat in peace.

5. Talk to your photographer about your important people.

In addition to telling your photographer about your people before the wedding, let your photographer know who you’d like her to coordinate with throughout the day: the wedding coordinator, your maid of honor, etc. It helps so much when I can ask this person about special people to the Bride and Groom. When I have this information, I can provide beautiful photographs of the people you love, instead of fifty nine pics of your Dad’s old roommates from college. I also love coordinating with someone else for all the unexpected and last minute deets so that you are free to enjoy your day entirely, and get wrapped up in newlywed bliss instead of whether I’ve gotten a photo of your grandmother.

6. Send over a short shot list that includes people, not poses.

If you hire a photographer you trust completely, you won’t need to add micromanaging him/her to your already way-too-long to-do list. Please, by all means, give her extra info that will help her out–your aunt is divorced and super sensitive about it, your little brother has a new girlfriend he’s bringing that mom and dad aren’t so crazy about, and the like–but unless there’s one specific shot you’ve always dreamed of having, let them do the job they were hired to do. You’ll be surprised that your photographer will actually be more creative when they feel that trust from you.

7. Consult your photographer when creating your wedding timeline.

Your photographer will be able to help you plan your day so you get all the beautiful photos you are dreaming of. They’ll be able to tell you how long they need to get the family photos done, how much time for photographing the details before the reception, and that your dream of having an individual photo of you with your 37 nephews means you’ll be sacrificing other photos. When you include your photographer from the beginning, you’ll be able to plan a day that fits your photography needs and ensures you know what to expect on your wedding day. You can also ask your photographer to send you an outline of what they’ll be doing and where throughout the day, so you’re never wondering where they are.

Speak to Brooke about your Wedding, she really is very nice and you’ll be guaranteed perfect Wedding photos.