Sunday May 13 2012.


Bijou boys avert thine eyes, this is definitely one for the girls!

Ladies having bosoms is a curse – stressing about making them bigger, smaller, rounder, pushing them together, noticeable erect nipples, argh it’s too much!  Thank heavens for the taping inventions that have appeared over the past few years.  Fashion First Aid’s set of nipple concealers are some of my favourites and includes tape strips (I find a roll of tape too messy and irritating) to keep strapless or plunging dresses where they ought to be.

Fashion First Aid Strapless Solutions Set

And if you’re in need of a boost you can use silicon cleavage enhancers that can be used inside or instead of a bra with the fashion tape strips the kit includes.

Fashion First Aid Half Cup Cleavage Enhancer Set

Pick your nipple concealers and boosters up at Net-A-Porter: