Thursday January 1 2015.


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  2015 is going to be fancy and full of love, you mark my words.

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Image source – A Girl A Style Blog

Are you waking up engaged?  If so, take note my friends of some newly engaged advice and top tips to help you stay sane amidst everyone’s excitement.

The most important thing right now is to enjoy being engaged, for at least a few months.  Practice these phrases “We really haven’t started thinking about it yet but when we do we’ll let you know”, “We’re just enjoying being engaged”, “No wedding planning for a few months, we’ve got to celebrate the engagement first!”.  It’s wonderful that your family and friends are so excited for you both but you need some time to digest the news yourself, celebrate and work out what a wedding means to you.  Speaking from my own experience, I was given wedding magazines with pages flagged before we’d even had a chance to get the engagement ring!

My friend Laura of Babb Photo has written a great piece about these early days of wedding planning, check it out here – www.babbphoto.com

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Image Credit – Babb Photo

Next will be the engagement ring, if you don’t have one already!  Fancy going vintage, read top tips for finding your perfect piece here.  Perhaps you want to create something totally unique, designer Sophie Harley shares her advice for bespoke design here  And finally if you just don’t know where to start with cuts, clarity and engagement ring shopping in general this is a great guide.

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Rose Gold engagement ring by Teeny Jewels available from Etsy

Finally get pinning.  Pinterest will be your new addiction and a great way to consolidate and share your wedding ideas from the dress to the invitations.  If you’re new to this whole pin thing, I’ve written a handy guide to help you get started here.
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So have fun and CONGRATULATIONS!