Friday April 5 2013.


Today I’m letting the talented Jane Iordanou take the reins to tell us how to achieve those much revered natural wedding photos.  Over to our expert Jane….

When Alexandra asked me to write a piece on getting the most natural wedding photos, I jumped at the chance.  I am sure you have all heard it before but after the big day your marriage certificate and the photographs are the only two tangible things left over (!) so it’s really important to choose the right photographer.  You will need to feel at ease and relaxed with this person but it’s equally important that you help them to capture you as best as they possibly can too.

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The first bit of advice I would give is to try and let go and be in the moment. If you’re tense and uncomfortable it completely comes across in the photos. I know it’s difficult but often the run up to the wedding is stressful and this is an opportunity to really relax and enjoy that special time with each other. Once the nervy bit of saying your vows is over you can chill out a bit more.  Try and forget the camera is there.

Don’t worry about looking stupid in front of the camera: laugh, smile, move, touch and look at your each other. Be in the moment and above all, enjoy it!

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Sometimes, at the beginning of a shoot, if my couple is very nervous or anxious I have been known to make them take deep breaths to relax.  It really does help.  I also play a few word games with the couple to get them to have fun with it.  When I photographed Natasha and Max, Natasha at the beginning felt uncomfortable and shy but by the end of our shoot she was incredibly relaxed and you could really tell she was enjoying it.


I love to capture real honest moments so often I encourage genuine emotions by interacting with the bride and groom.  In this photo I asked the couple to look into each other’s eyes and remember the moment when they first knew they were in love with each other.  I don’t really think I need to say how madly in love these guys are as leaps out from the photos but in this shot you can really see just how much love they have for each other.

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If you are really uncomfortable in front of the camera it can help to have a prop, i.e. the balloon in this case.  A prop can help to eliminate the nerves as it gives the couple something else to focus on.  Here, I suggested to Natasha and Max that we use a red balloon as I was inspired by the stunning French film, “The Red Balloon” by Albert Lamorisse; incidentally, Max is also French and wore a grey suit so it really worked.  This was also useful on a dreary winter’s day as it also adds some colour to the shots.

red balloon wedding

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Take direction from your photographer, you are paying for their expertise so trust their instinct.  In this shot, I told Max his bow-tie was looking wonky and to fix it.  This made for an interesting, stylish yet natural shot.

groom black bow tieBig thanks to our expert wedding photographer Jane for sharing her top tips, I wish I’d have had this advice on my wedding day.  You can view Jane’s stunning portfolio and contact her with any questions via:

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