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Today’s Wedding guidance comes courtesy of Shropshire Petals, a lovely bunch who are going to share their advice on natural confetti and how to achieve that much revered confetti shot.  Over to our experts…

Throwing confetti over a newly married couple is a tradition that’s been present in British weddings for over two centuries, symbolising the wish for a fertile marriage.  When most people think about confetti they think of small coloured paper shapes which you could buy from a variety of convenience stores but we’re going to show you that it can be so much more!

natural confetti

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Originally confetti was made from rice or shredded paper but today couples want to be able to match their confetti to their wedding theme and natural confetti petals are a great way to do just that.  Natural confetti petals come in a variety of colours and sizes which can be presented in a number of ways including coloured confetti cones, pails and baskets to fit with a chosen theme.  Displaying confetti in a prominent place outside the church or ceremony venue for guests to take a handful, will also ensures they only shower you with your chosen confetti.

shropshire petals

Image Credit  -Shropshire Petals

Confetti is one of the most versatile accessories for your wedding day, not only can it be used to create wow factor photos, it can also be used to decorate tables at your reception venue, cake, favours and even to create a beautiful petal path.  Remember confetti is not just for your wedding day; place romantic petals in a hot bath to share with your loved one on your anniversary.

How to Get the Wow Factor Confetti Shot

One of the most spontaneous and natural pictures will be the moment your photographer captures delicate confetti falling down upon the happy newlyweds.  Here are 5 simple tips on how to get that ‘wow’ factor confetti shot:

1.  The majority of churches and ceremony venues only allow biodegradable confetti to be used – so have 100% natural confetti ready for your guests.  And if in doubt take samples to show the venue manager before the big day.

2.  Colour co-ordinate the confetti with your wedding theme or bridesmaids dresses.  If you want a bright, bold splash of colour in the confetti shot choose a mix of colours to enhance the effect.  Whilst white confetti will work wonderfully for a more subtle shot.

3.  Make sure you have enough confetti for each of your guests to throw a big handful – the more confetti thrown, the better the shot will be.

4.  Discuss the location with your photographer before your wedding day; as they will be able to decide where to take the perfect shot according to the light and setting.

5.  Ask your guests to stand close and throw confetti high to create the perfect flutter.

natural confetti

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For more fab tips and advice on how to make the most of your confetti choices, visit Shropshire Petals website at:

Shropshire petals natural confetti

Image Credit – Shropshire Petals

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