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This Sunday I’m loving the totally collectable monochrome and pop brights of the Nars Andy Warhol collection.  Who doesn’t love a stylish collab and this is one of the best in a while with beautiful packaging featuring iconic Andy Warhol images and his factory darlings.  Personally I’ll be heading out to purchase this Edie set, the only way to achieve a 60’s babydoll face.

nars andy warhol collection edie

Edie Set

The collection has been well executed by the Nars team even down to the product names such as Soup Can, Larger than Life and International Velvet.  Nail the master’s pop art look with this Beautiful Darling set of bright pinks and clashing green.

nars andy warhol collection beautiful darling set

Beautiful Darling Set

The eyeshadow sets are available in three colour combos featuring the man himself but my favourite is this monochrome number.

nars andy warhol collection eye shadow

Self Portrait 2 Eyeshadow Set

Launched this week you can now get your hands on some Nars Andy Warhol collection goodies on the high street or their website:

Happy Sunday shopping ladies!


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