Sunday March 11 2012.


Between my Indie Queen self and Mr Bijou, who likes to spin the Wheels of Steel, our house is always full of music.  Music is a big part of our relationship and therefore our Wedding, inspired by Brooke’s CD Wedding favours earlier this week I found these – Mix Tape USB Drives.  Showing a sign of my age but before iPods it was the height of romance to put all the mushy songs that reminded you of your love interest onto a cassette, illustrated with badly sketched hearts and S.W.A.L.K’s.  Well these babies let you do that again but onto a much more user friendly USB.  A fun present for your groom with your special songs or from a bridesmaid to a Bride packed with ‘Wedding songs’ for your beautifying regime or even as unique music favours for your guests.

music favours

Just drag and drop all your desired tracks onto the USB stick and then get creative with your coloured pens.  If you use these as music favours think about adding the top tracks that will be featured in your Wedding.

wedding music favours

Get yours now from Suck (which they don’t by the way):

Happy Sunday