Friday December 27 2013.


Christmas maybe over but there’s still the New Year festivities to come – don’t you love this time of year, it just keeps giving!   Hopefully you received (or gifted yourself) something new to wear so today’s make up ideas for New Year’s Eve will help you pull the whole look together in a fashion forward way.

My most treasured make up choice for in fact any party will always be the twinkle of glitter.  For me sparkle and sequins just scream CELEBRATION.  At Chanel’s Winter show the model’s upper lids were adorned with oversized glitter, this is where I’ll be taking my party inspiration from.

glitter make up new year's eve

Chanel make up Fall/ Winter 2013 spotted on Talking Make Up

Another party classic has to be the smokey eye which never fails to impress as it’s not a look worn often before sunset.  If you are fair haired it’s best to stick to dark greys rather than black eyeshadow, just like Diane Kruger below.  It keeps the look glamourous instead of ghoulish.

make up ideas for new year's eve diane kruger

Diane Kruger at the Met Ball 2013 spotted on

Time for something a little different now in these make up ideas for New Year’s Eve run down, a pop of colour.  Wearing a bright colour exaggerated out over and under eyes, shows it’s time to party.  Take a tip from Georgia May Jagger who rocked a festive green shadow and managed to keep the look far from 80’s fancy dress by keeping other make up to a minimum, note the lack of blush or lipgloss.

colourful new year's eve make up

Georgia May Jagger at Rimmel’s 125th Birthday spotted on Marie

The biggest make up trend by far this year has been the dark gothic lip.   Just like Georgia May Jagger, Jessica Alba shows that less is more.  If you’re wearing a bright or rich colour on lips, everything else should be minimal.  So will you be vamping it up to top off 2013 in style?

vamp make up dark lip

Jessica Alba spotted on