Tuesday October 4 2011.


Stateside Bijou brides let me apologise, ashamedly this is only  my second American wedding feature!  If you are an American bride or have been to a friend’s stylish wedding in the U.S. of A. please do get in touch.

 Today’s wedding comes courtesy of Larissa Nicole a photographer with a beautifully soft and romantic style, the perfect match for Lucy and Andrew’s intimate wedding at Vive le Ranch “The Barn” in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Upon their engagement the bride and groom knew “immediately that we wanted to have an intimate DIY wedding.  We’re creative and resourceful and were on a budget, so it just made sense.”  And as is so often the case they thought they could do everything “But then the magic of the day may have been lost to us or our families because we would have been worried about hosting rather than experiencing.  So, we ended up hiring a caterer, photographer and DJ, and the DIY part was all about the invitations, the favors, and the decor.” 


Lucy gave her David’s Bridal wedding dress an unique twist by adding a flower rosette purchased from Etsy.  Girls, do not be afraid of your wedding dress.  By all means treat it with the respect it deserves but don’t be afraid to impart your personal stamp on it by adding a belt, coloured sash, pin brooch or by altering the neckline, sleeves or hem.   


Lucy’s bridesmaids looked divine each wearing a different shade of purple.  What a great way to ensure your bridesmaids feel happy and comfortable, allow them to not only find the perfect style for their body shape but also the perfect shade for their skin tone. 


Andrew and his ushers all wore the same classic black three piece suit but the Groom made sure he stood out from the pack with a white on white waistcoat, shirt and tie.  Grooms be aware that you must marry your whites perfectly, slight variations of shade in one item will throw off the whole look.


To fit with the theme of vintage elegance, Lucy and Andrew created these fabulous centrepieces that consisted of flowers, music paper and ostrich feathers. “Since music is very important to us, we added rolled up music paper for an extra touch.”  I love how each one is different, I’m sure they were a real talking point at the reception.

And this is the most adorable cake i’ve seen in ages.


Lucy’s advice for Bijou brides-to-be “get a wedding planner (even if it is just for the day of). Since we designed everything ourselves, I was trying to get ready for my wedding day as well as tell everyone how I wanted everything decorated… It was a bit chaotic to say the least, but it turned out beautiful. However I would have enjoyed my time with my bridesmaids, mom and everyone else a little more if I wasn’t worrying about the small details the whole time.

Let me convey my Bijou best wishes (from across the pond) to the delightful newlyweds Lucy & Andrew, I hope your marriage is filled with happiness.

To find out more about the lovely Larissa Turner and her wedding photography packages, visit her gorgeous website: