Friday June 8 2012.


I just adored Kirsten Dunst’s angelic, messy up do from this year’s Cannes Film Festival – scroll down for my DIY Kirsten Dunst hairstyle tutorial.

But check out the back, swirls of blonde locks…

And, as promised, here is the Bijou Kirsten Dunst hairstyle tutorial.


Centre part your hair all the way to the nape of the neck.  Then at the front (in line with the outer edge of your right eye) sweep a two inch deep section to the left and clip out of the way for the time being.


Divide the right hand side section of hair in two, from behind the ear forward clip out of the way, repeat on the left – this will be clipped over the headband later.  With that hair out of the way take the remaining right back section and create an S-shape pinning as you go.  My hair is quite long so I started off by twisting it in a clockwise motion to hold it in place.  And you guessed it, repeat on the left hand side.


Add your headband.  Take the remaining loose right hand section of hair and pin over the headband piling the hair high on your crown in another S-shape.  This look is easy going so the messier the better.  With the left hand front section, backcomb slightly and twist in a clockwise motion over the ear, again pin over the headband and continue pinning in an S-shape at the crown.