Friday July 27 2012.


Today we are getting a peek inside Ben and Kristen’s big day which is an exception to the norm as they won their Wedding in a competition.  But this is no ‘enter your email address and hope for the best’ type of competition, they had to work for it.  To win their Kerrang Wedding Ben and Kristen had to raise as much money as possible within 7 days for Kerrang Radio’s Cash for Kids charity which supports sick and disadvantaged kids in the West Midlands.  Groom Ben managed to raise one of the largest amounts of money in the whole competition by riding a space-hopper for 3 miles, woah!  With this kind of commitment it is no wonder the lovely Ben and Kristen won, marrying at Malmaison in Birmingham with John Charlton Photography on hand to capture the day and share it with us.

kerrang wedding

These rock and roll lovebirds met in Minneapolis where Kristen is originally from and where Ben once worked.  On the choice of entering the competition Bride Kristen says “Ben had heard about the competition and he thought it was a great cause and since we were planning on getting married it seemed like a great idea all around.”  It is so easy to get bogged down in Wedding hype and costs but this laidback pair prove that you need to keep your eye on the bigger picture and why you’re getting married.

wedding malmaison birmingham

malmaison birmingham wedding


The Dressing Rooms in Halesowen provided the Wedding dress and the decision which usually proves the most agonising for Bride’s was simple for our easygoing Kristen.  “It was the first dress I picked out and tried on and I fell in love with it!  They convinced me to try a few others on because they couldn’t believe I found my perfect dress in one go!”


Kristen is the first Bride I’ve featured with full tattoo sleeves, outrageous, I need more of you so email me if you want to share your Bijou style.  Often people expect tattooed Brides to wear something 50’s rockabilly style, coloured or wacky but you know I hate postulations.  Kristen’s lace Wedding dress teamed with flower headband and big curls is just beautiful plus the cut shows off all her stunning tattoo artwork.

kerrang wedding

Lovers of purple, Kristen’s bridesmaids opted for different shades of purple for their dresses and the accent colour also appeared in the bouquets.

purple bridesmaids

ben and kristen kerrang wedding


Lots of generous local companies supplied all the Wedding details from the rings to the entertainment.  And you will have noticed Ben and Kristen’s purple colour theme running throughout.  Like so many other couples where you choose to marry will result in only part of your family being able to make it, “Of course I would have loved if more of my family could have come over from America but I was so grateful for the ones that could.”  There are so many fantastic ways to stay connected, at a friends Wedding we had the Bride’s mother in China watching via Skype.

kerrang wedding ben and kristen

john charlton photography


Kristen wanted to share her favourite moment to serve as a reminder to you Bijou Brides of what the big day should be about “I think my favourite part of the day was seeing Ben’s face when I walked down the aisle towards him.  Honestly it felt like we were the only ones in the room and I couldn’t have been happier.”  


Congratulations to Ben and Kristen, a lovely couple who made their Wedding about more than just them and had a heap of fun to boot.   To view John Charlton Photography’s portfolio and for contact information visit:

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