Tuesday November 29 2011.


Today’s beautiful images come courtesy of a true jet-setting photographer Annelie Johansson who splits her time between London and Sweden but shoots all over Europe. This Italian Wedding took her to the countryside which igniting her passion for “...contrast, shadows, tilted frames, dynamic backgrounds.”

Our Bride and Groom, Liz and Emanuelle, found a gem of a Wedding venue in the historic town of Recanati Italy – the Palazzo Dalla Casapiccola a beautiful Italian villa built between the 17th and the 18th century.  Get ready to swoon at the rolling Italian countryside!Italian WeddingRecanati Wedding


Just like her husband with Liz’s wedding dress it was love at first sight.  “I bought the dress from BCBG at the mall of the Emirates in Dubai. I was in love from the instant I tried it on  and the most important thing was that I could afford it as there was 50% off in a super sale!

Italian Wedding brideItalian bride


The wedding dress with its contemporary edge and bold stripes did not lend itself to fussy accessories.  Liz kept her bridal look clean and elegant with simple drop earrings.  Finding the right shoes however proved to be a problem.  “After look in many different stores I couldn’t find anything that I really loved.” Liz wanted something without a heel but still more exciting than a flip flop.  “One day I went to the Textile souq in Dubai, a market where you can find stuff from Arabia and Asia, when I saw these slippers I loved them.  I got my Arabian touch with an Western dress.bride arabian slippers


Bride Liz kept her look au natural.  No veil, no beaded head piece just beautiful fresh flowers.  The simple red and white rose buds were wrapped in green gauze fabric and pinned around Liz’s curled side bun.  And of course her lipstick had to be red, in keeping with the red and white colour scheme.

Italian Wedding with roses

Congratulations Emanuelle & Liz, Bijou love for ‘La Dolce Vita’.

la dolce vita wedding

These images epitomise Annelie’s mission “…to capture moments. I shoot to showcase your day as authentically, artistically, and beautifully as possible while creating a collection of images that will tell your unique story through color, detail, and emotion.”   To discuss your wedding photography with Annelie and see more of her stunning portfolio, head to: www.fotografannelie.comItalian Wedding Recananti