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I am counting down the days until my holiday (did I mention we’re getting married on the beach!) and thought I’d share my honeymoon beauty essentials with you girls.  There are so many ways to save on suitcase space, shellac manicures and pedicures = no nail varnish or nail varnish remover, semi-permanent eyelash extensions = no mascara, so what’s left?  The  5 beauty essentials I wouldn’t travel without are below.

honeymoon beauty essentials

1.  An oldie but a goodie and of course it has to be number one.  Airplane travel wreaks havoc with your skin so intensive moisturization is key.  My personal routine is to find my seat and belt up then wipe away make up, spritz with toner and smother my face, elbows, feet and hands with Eight Hour Cream.  It’s the only way to guarantee glowing skin upon arrival at your honeymoon destination.

Eight Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden –

2. I don’ t know if you experience this but I always get chapped lips on holiday.  Having found this EOS lip balm whilst in the States with the addition of SPF 15 it has sorted that little problem.  And it looks cool in your beach bag too.

Lemon Drop Lip Balm by EOS –

3.  If you are blonde like me, chlorine can be your worst enemy.  This purple shampoo by Lee Stafford has been an absolute godsend for me, knocking out brassy and yellow tones.

Bleach Blondes Shampoo by Lee Stafford –

4.  I don’t know what it is but having used this for the past week my skin is positively clear and glowing.  The marketing says water-attracting molecules boost hydration; light reflective pearls brighten dull skin; botanical extracts and caffeine reduce discolouration and redness whilst pore-reducing peptides minimise fine lines – hey it’s worked for me!

BB Cream SPF 35 by Bobbi Brown –

5.  And last of the honeymoon beauty essentials is a little trick I picked up from a girlfriend – post sunbathing, shower and apply a gradual tanning body moisturiser.  I never hit the beach without SPF 30 + covering my skin so therefore don’t tan as quickly as I’d like which makes this is the perfect way to get a healthy glow.  I’m a fan of Garnier Summer Body as it has a fruity scent.

Summer Body by Garnier –

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