Sunday September 11 2011.


There is a fabulous article in the latest edition of BRIDES magazine – ‘He Chose My Dress!’ which asked five guys to describe what they thought would make the perfect bridal attire for their wife-to-be.  I thought it posed a really interesting question and decided to ask Mr Bijou his thoughts on my wedding choices and what I should go for next time.  His responses are as follows, I’ll let you decide if it’s a Sunday Love or Loathe!

What did you expect me to look like on our wedding day?

“I thought you’d go for a simple dress with your hair down, as it’s my favourite hairstyle, with some kind of head piece or hair accessory.  I knew you’d be wearing high heels and I thought you’d have all the traditional staples, garter, veil and stuff.”

So what did you think of my bridal look for our first wedding day, the legal bit?

“I was gobsmacked but not surprised, it was very you.  I liked that the dress was short and sixties but a bit wild at the same time.  I wasn’t expecting you to wear the short pouffy veil though, that was cool.”

And the second day, the humanist ceremony with our family and friends?

“It was a lot more classic.  You looked sexy in the low cut dress but it was more classy with the loose bottom bit.  A real wedding cake bride but without the wedding cake dress, you know huge ruffles and excess.”

What shall I wear next year when we renew our vows and have a big wedding party?

“This time round it is more of a statement isn’t it.  Something lacy and fitted with sleeves but not too raunchy!  You should go to town on the jewellery to make it different.  A short dress too that looks like you can dance and run around in it.”

So there you have it ladies, the groom’s perspective and I loved hearing his opinion.  I asked him to have a flick through a couple of wedding magazines and show me anything he thought was suitable for the next time, just like us girls he said “oh it’s hard when you see so many, makes you change your mind.”  However he did pick out this Vivienne Westwood number because it was a bit wacky (what does that say about me!):

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