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There are certain things you never grow out of and my fondness for a certain cat hasn’t wained with age.  I do realise that I’m too old to wear a Hello Kitty tutu, my guilty pleasure is hidden away from public view with contact lense cases, tissue packs and hairdryers.  However I could not resist the new Hello Kitty make up range in Superdrug, I swiped two shades of Hello Kitty lipstick in a quick trolley dash.  At £3.99 each they were an untested risk I was willing to take for that beyond cute packaging.


It turns out the Hello Kitty lipstick I intended as a novelty buy to perk up my dressing table is actually rather fabulous.  The shades are pretty with a rich pigment, not too heavy to wear and they don’t smell.  I have been alternating between my two purchases, Betz Believe and Blazin’ all week, I can’t get enough.  What do you think?

hello kitty lipstick betz believe

Lipstick Colour – Betz Believe

I’ve spent ages (and a lot of pennies) hunting for the perfect shade of red for my pale pinky skin and this one maybe my new signature colour.

hello kitty blazin lipstick

Lipstick Colour – Blazin’

Other items in the range weren’t so impressive, the tweezers are dreadful and the eyeshadows aren’t worth writing home about but I am going back in for the nail polishes!

hello kitty superdrug

Shop it at the Superdrug, although I think they had a better range in store:

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