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You all know that I’m a firm believer in throwing out the rule book when it comes to weddings.  Yes are there elements of the traditional you may wish to note but it’s important to make it personal and above all you.  So why not a brunch wedding?
The lovely Kacey, voice behind The Drifter Collective is on hand today, sharing her expert advice on brunch weddings and why it could be the perfect plan for your big day.
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While some people may grumble at an early morning wedding, serving brunch is a great way to keep your wedding day casual while offering up all the good eats. Did someone say mimosas and waffles? Here are 10 reasons you may want to consider a brunch wedding for your big day.

1. Celebrate All Day
When you walk down the aisle at 10 a.m. or even noon, you have the whole day ahead of you to keep the party going.  After the reception, you can day drink at a local bar with friends or jet off to your honeymoon early before the exhaustion sets in.
2. Enjoy a More Casual Reception
Do you picture a backyard BBQ or a picnic-style reception? Brunch weddings are often smaller and more casual than a formal nighttime wedding. Keep this in mind when you choose a venue, whether it’s a garden, greenhouse, restaurant patio or the backyard at your house.
3. Save Money
If you’re looking for ways to throw the wedding of your dreams on a budget, a brunch wedding can help. Choose foods that keep the cost-per-person low, including pancakes, doughnuts and eggs. A full open bar isn’t always necessary for a morning wedding, so cut costs on alcohol by serving drinks during designated times.
4. Get Creative with Drinks
Get more creative with your drink options by offering Bloody Mary’s, mimosas, mint juleps, tequila sunrises and more.  You and your future spouse can even create a signature morning cocktail that fits the wedding venue, your personalities and the brunch theme.
5. Mix up the Menu
Whether you want a buffet or a sit-down meal, you get to put a fun twist on the menu with a brunch wedding.  Pancakes are fine but think beyond the standard breakfast fare to items such as gourmet pizza , poached salmon or lobster grilled cheese sandwiches . When it comes to the cake, choose a lighter option such as a naked cake or coffee cake, a typical morning treat.

brunch wedding, brunch wedding ideas, something different wedding, wedding trends 2019

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6. Choose the Atmosphere
While brunch weddings are great for couples who want to keep it casual, you ultimately decide on the atmosphere based on what you offer. For example, use fine china and serve champagne and a three-course meal if you still want to hold a formal wedding. Or, make use of a more casual space — such as a cozy indoor brunch near a fire — if you want to keep it light.
7. Follow Food Trends
The typical wedding foods don’t apply in a brunch setting, so it’s the perfect time to serve some of the latest food trends. Try a frittata or a stuffed French Toast and search for a catering company that isn’t afraid to push the brunch envelope.
8. Dress for Comfort
Sometimes, a sequinned ball gown can look a little strange during a morning/midday wedding. For more casual brides, it’s an opportunity to choose a dress you’re comfortable in. Try a relaxed gown with a shorter train or more casual fabric to match the overall casual vibe.
9. Welcome the Morning Light
Photographers love that early morning light and the glow of the sky right before dusk. If you’re willing to get ready early, you can snag some great photos outside before the ceremony begins. Talk to your photographer ahead of time about what time would be best for photos, and make sure the venue you choose won’t have any harsh shadows at the time you want to take your pictures.

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10. Drink All the Caffeine
Caffeine lovers will rejoice at all the different options at a brunch wedding. Place coffee carts around your venue with varying blends of coffee and caffeinated tea. If you have a more flexible budget, hire a barista to make custom lattes, mochas and other drinks for guests.

Start Planning Today
Like any wedding, you need to start planning early to pull off a brunch wedding. Nail down the times to keep everything moving quickly and create a killer menu that will keep your guests talking about your wedding day for years to come.

I’m sold!

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