Wednesday June 27 2012.


So Bijou brides I’m thrilled to say Saturday’s festivities were brilliant and the outpouring of love shown from our friends and family warrants a Bijou dedication.

As if it wasn’t enough to meet the perfect partner your romantic relationship also gives you a wonderful new pool of friends to play with.  It is those friends and family who make a marriage, they are there to celebrate the good times and help you through the bad.  And when it comes to the Wedding day you realise how special they all are – there are the ones who are ready to help at the drop of a hat, who spin the tunes to get the party started, who can’t be there but send you a thoughtful gift, who make sure your glass is never empty, who touch up your make up, who make the effort to be there even if they don’t feel well, who light up the dancefloor, who calm you down or cheer you up and in all, their sheer presence makes a party.  Without them a Wedding or Anniversary party wouldn’t be a celebration.