Monday May 2 2016.


Planning a Wedding is stressful and there’s no getting away from that.  Finding your zen will be an invaluable tool to master early.   What clicks will be different for everyone but I wanted to share some of the ways I find my calm place.

finding your zen bride vogue 2013

Georgia May Jagger in Vogue 2013 captured by Venetia Scott spotted on Studded Hearts


Whether it’s letting out your frustration on a punch bag, shaking it off at a dance class or popping on the headphones and getting out for a run, there’s no denying that exercise can be a powerful release.  Getting the blood pumping, zoning out and releasing some happy endorphins is a great stress reliever.  Just make sure the music you listen to isn’t morose or too angry!  I couldn’t exercise or in fact work without music, seriously.  One of my recent discoveries is the Spotify Running feature which finds your exercise tempo (running or otherwise) and matches tracks to it from your favourites.  Just singing along or pushing through to the end of the track, who hasn’t been motivated by that!

finding your zen exercise bride

Spotify Running

Personally I need the push of an instructor and a class environment for maximum results.  Being honest I rarely get to the gym but have found some great YouTube workouts that make it easy to squeeze a bit of movement into my day.  If you’re interested my favourites are on the Pop Sugar Fitness channel here.


When you are in a stressful situation or annoyed by something it’s unlikely you’re going to be able to just get up and go exercise.  Mastering the art of meditation however is super powerful to get you through that irate moment and find your inner peace again.  When I was pregnant I did a hypnobirthing course and the lessons learnt from it I am still using everyday.  There was no chanting but it focused on breathing and visualisation techniques to encourage the body and mind to relax.  It takes some practice but it will be worth it.  There are some specialist Bride-to-Be programs like this one from lovely real bride Natasha – The Sol Space.  Just download,  find a quiet space, pop on your earphones and allow yourself the time to completely relax.

bride to be meditation

Bride-to-be program from Natasha at The Sol Space

Meditation techniques can also be really useful if you’re feeling nervous about the Wedding and being on show.


I’ve talked about it before but scents have been scientifically proven to have really strong trigger for our brain.  My calm place visualisation is being on a tropical beach and adore The White Company‘s Seychelles candle and home scent range which do smell just like it.  For a boost on the go I use Neom‘s Intensive Mood Lifting Treatment.  It’s a handbag size roller you can dot on the pulse points.  Once you’ve found your calming scent remember to include it on the day by having a candle burning whilst you’re getting ready, a roller to dab on throughout the day or perhaps a room spray to scent the ceremony and reception areas.

finding your zen scent

The White Company

So how do you find your zen?