Thursday November 21 2013.


‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ but do you find your perfect match?  Luckily we have Jewellery expert  Sav Babber, Director at to share top tips for finding the perfect engagement ring on the blog today.

expert tips for finding the perfect engagement ring


Try on a variety of styles as rings are never what they seem.  Reach out of your comfort zone to try on as many rings as possible, the style you think you won’t like may just turn out to be ‘the one.’


Consider the shape and size of your hands, bigger bling isn’t always better.  Compliment your hand with a rock that suits your size, a round or cushion shaped diamonds suit petite hand with shorter fingers.  If you have long, slender fingers a diamond such as a marquise or emerald cut that has the length in it will suit best.

Finally take into account your skin tone too.  Different tones suit different metal colours through experimenting with different rings you’ll work out what colours compliment your skin best.  Times have changed so embrace a ring that really suits you. At Savvy & Sand we have a stunning collection of rings that feature rose, yellow and white tones to match you perfectly.

expert tips for finding the perfect engagement ring


Pick something timeless not something that you will grow out of as fashions change. Don’t get caught up in the moment, imagine when you are 80 years old – will you still love your ring or wish you hadn’t followed a fad?


Know your budget; don’t assume your partner has thousands to spend.  Think practical and you may be in for a surprise that is better than you thought.  It’s all about the sentiment not the pound signs.   Consider what’s most important to you size or quality?  Explore all of the options that are available to you when choosing a diamond. Do you want a diamond that is bigger but lesser in quality or smaller and better in quality?  Using Savvy & Sand‘s Diamond Concierge will allow you to explore the world of diamonds to find the right one for you.

savvy and sand


Your engagement ring is an extension of personality so don’t just go for safety.  Don’t just pick a ring that everyone has, put your own twist on it to make it truly your own and be proud to wear something that is completely unique.


Think about the everyday practicality of wearing a ring.  Will it catch on your clothing, is it set too high?  Bare in mind if you have children you want a ring that is safe to wear around them.  And practicality also relates to maintenance, research your metals, make sure you are aware of what up keep is needed.  Questions to ask are will your ring need polishing or re-plating in the future?


Your ring will only spend a short amount of time being worn on its own. When choosing an engagement ring, try it on with a wedding band; make sure that the rings sit nicely together in order to avoid disappointment in the future.

wedding band with engagement ring

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