Tuesday July 26 2011.


Yes I know you can buy Vintage but for today’s post I want to look beyond that for Ethical fashionistas and Bijou brides.

It seems the fashion world is finally cottoning on (pardon the pun) to the fact that there is a need for an environmental consciousness in fashion design and production. A new breed of fashion graduates are emerging like Ada Zanditon whose mission statement reads “Ada Zanditon uses a range of organic and natural fabrics as well as innovative waste reducing and energy conscious solutions to create sculptural, elegant, desirable fashion.”  It is no longer enough to just use energy saving lightbulbs in the office but rather choose organic fabric dyes and partnering with small ethical manufacturers.  And as you can see the standard of design doesn’t appear to be suffering for these choices.

And the Bridal market is no different, one of the best new Bridal Wear Designers to have perfectly executed the edgy yet ethical fashion balance is Blushless founded by lifelong Vegetarian Liv Lundelius.  The designs are perfect suited to fashion forward brides in search of a truly unique wedding dress that doesn’t compromise their ethical code.

Bridal designer Sanyukta Shrestha born in Nepal has been keen to maintain links to her roots by using specially sourced fabrics and labour from villages in Nepal.  In her own words “Local villagers painstakingly collect nettle and hemp from community forests in a controlled amount, so as not to adversely affect the ecological balance. Chemicals are shunned in favour of traditional bleaching agents like ash to treat the plant. The fibre is eventually hand-spun into fabrics by the villagers.”  The new collection shows the same painstaking attention to detail, a beautiful range of dresses with a serious infusion of lush luxe.  

And don’t miss their stunning millinery range. 

Another recent addition to the Wedding Fashion directory is Tammam who source their sustainable fabrics from India and Nepal.  As well as their gorgeous Ready to Wear collections brides can also work with them to create bespoke wedding gowns.  I just adore this first wedding dress it reminds me of Galliano’s last collection for Dior.

If like me you are a Vegetarian and would prefer not to wear leather but still want a high end shoe, try Stella McCartney.  Never one to compromise all her shoe collections uses faux suede and faux leather (not that you can tell from looking at them).

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