Tuesday March 20 2012.


Another first for Bijou this morning – our first Engagement Shoot courtesy of photographer Jessica Sterling where Bride-to-be Katherine will be sharing her top engagement shoot tips.

Engagement shoots are fast becoming the norm and I can see why.  They are rather practical after all, giving you both a valuable rehearsal in front of the lens, allowing you to road test your chosen photographer and the shots can also be used for Save the Date cards, your Wedding website or for the big day itself as Table Names/ Numbers, decoration etc.  The cute bride-to-be Katherine featured here today has also been kind enough to share her engagement shoot tips and as a Stylist herself she knows a thing or two.

If you’re uncomfortable in front of the camera, put your focus on each other, rather than the fact that you’re being photographed. You’ll get better results.  Put some fun music on – something light and fancy-free – then you’ll be too.

engagement shoot tips

This may sound silly, but brush your teeth beforehand! You’ll be more confident about showing off those pearly whites.

Definitely spend a little time coordinating your outfits. It doesn’t have to match in that horrifying sweater set way. But compliments each other in color and style. The result will look more polished and professional.”

engagement shoot

Another of Katherine’s engagement shoot tips – “One way to get your photos to stand out, and be unique is to plan it out!  Decide on a theme and run with it. Choose something that really describes you as a couple. If the two of you spend your free time bowling, then do something around that. Get a bunch of bowling pins, paint them fun colors, or write sweet nothings on them.  If you’re having trouble coming up with
anything fun, think about hiring a stylist. It may be that your photographer can suggest someone.”  This is one of the Style Services I offer which is becoming increasingly popular as couples look for more creative options for their Engagement Shoots.

Expert Photographer Jessica Sterling also has some key pointers for lovely couple shots.

Use props that you can interact with, they give you something to do, and can make the reactions more natural.

engagement shoot ideasengagement shoot ideas

Don’t be afraid to show off or be affectionate. That’s what the shots are all about.

engagement shoot

Jessica on perfect pose “If it bends, bend it: often times bending a joint, such as your elbow, is a good idea. It adds muscle tension, looks more natural, and has more energy in the photo. Especially true if you’re wearing a strapless gown and holding a bouquet during your wedding photos. Standing tall, bending your front knee, and turning slightly to the side (like a beauty queen) makes anyone look leaner. Also keeping shoulders at an angle from the camera makes guys look good. A slightly above camera angle makes for a beautiful, slimming portrait.

jessica sterling photography

I hope you enjoyed reading all of Bride Katherine and Photographer Jessica’s top engagement shoot tips, have they missed any?  If you’ve got a great tip leave a comment below for the Bijou readers.  Head over to Jessica Sterling’s website for more pretty pictures