Friday December 14 2012.


I’ve shared my shoe addiction with you before so you can imagine my excitement when I was invited to The Colour Studio event.  A lesson in dyeing shoes with a bubbly accompaniment what was not to like. If you haven’t heard of The Colour Studio ( before it is a bespoke service for dyeing wedding shoes or in fact any shoes for that matter.  And just to add that their Christmas tree was pretty uh-mazing too.

dyeing wedding shoes the colour studio

When I arrived, to be honest I was a little overwhelmed, why on Earth would you want to dye these beautiful shoes.  And then I remembered my white Wedding shoes confined to their box in the cupboard, gathering dust.  How sad.  Shoes no matter their value are made to be worn and unfortunately ivory, cream and white shoes don’t work with many outfits.  The Colour Studio gives a fashion shoe makeover by dyeing wedding shoes any colour.  Seriously send in a swatch or photo of your preferred shade (perhaps a reminder of your Wedding day by way of your theme colour or favourite bouquet flower) and the technicians get to work.  They call this ‘Colourology’ whether you want to mix or match, clash or contrast they understand every shade and style.  Their signature shoes are hand dyed in Britain to meet any elusive colour request.  Ultramarine? Chartreuse? Vermillion? (Don’t worry I’m not sure what they are either) they’ve got it covered.

the colour studioAt last week’s event I had the opportunity to turn my hand to shoe dyeing.  My nominated shade was ‘Fandango’ so I assumed this was a bright yellow colour… oh how wrong I was. The dyeing bit is actually incredibly fun, like colouring in but with a wet cotton wool ball. Although I got the colour completely wrong (it should have been pink!) I think my golden yellow heels with ivory straps are rather fetching, even if I do say so myself.

dyeing wedding shoes

You can purchase The Colour Studio shoes on the high street from £45 and there are tonnes of bridal worthy styles to choose from.  Once you’ve had your fun, The Colour Studio set about dyeing wedding shoes absolutely any colour of your choice. Find out more at:

And I couldn’t resist one more shot of that Christmas tree, I think I might use my shoes as decorations next year!

dyeing wedding shoes