Wednesday May 16 2012.


Sometimes you just can’t quite find the thing you want, in which case it is time for a Blue Peter moment!

I have been on the hunt this week for snack cups for our guests to be able to fill with popcorn because it makes great dancefloor fuel or so I hear.  Unfortunately I could not find any disposable cups that weren’t emblazoned with footballs or princess crowns so have decided to add some pretty and DIY Wedding paper cups couldn’t be more straight forward Bijou girls.


Buy paper cups in your Wedding colour way and adhesive lace tape (check out Washi tape if you want more of print/pattern) I found mine on Ebay for £1.89 per metre.  The only other items you will require are a pair of scissors and nimble fingers.


Measure out your lengths, this works best if you lay the cup flat and use the paper join on the cup as a starting point.  You can place the tape anywhere but I found the rim looked prettiest with this pattern.


Peel and stick.  Simple.  This is the only fiddly part is that as the cup is not the same diameter all the way down it is hard to get a straight join.  However the adhesive tape is plastic so it is easy to remove and re-place as you go.  Focus on getting the top of the tape (closest to the lip of the cup) evenly in place and use your nails to then push down and straighten the bottom.

Hey presto, DIY Wedding paper cups with pretty lace additions that you can use for candy, popcorn or drinks!