Friday December 20 2013.


Today I wanted to share a tutorial for creating DIY ombre star decorations.  I’ve used these for my Bijou Christmas messages, as an alternative to traditional cards but you could use them for your own Christmas decorations, wedding decorations or guest place settings too.

DIY ombre star decorations tuturial

What you’ll need:

– Basic wooden stars, I found mine on eBay for less than £15 for 50 stars

– Tester pots of matt paint from your local DIY store.  You’ll need 2 pots of colour, one dark and one light from the same colour family i.e. pink, red, green etc

– Bakers twine

– Small paintbrushes

– Luggage Tags (if required)


Paint two thirds of your star with your lightest paint shade.  Once dry repeat on the reverse and remember to cover the edges also.

DIY ombre star decorations


Now cover the remaining bare wood with your darker paint.  Don’t worry about being neat, go out of the lines as it will help with step three.

DIY christmas decorations


Whilst the darker paint is still wet, dip your brush in a touch of the lighter shade and start blending the join of your star where the two colours meet.  Use swift brush strokes and keep going until you achieve your desired effect.  You can continue to add touches of the darker or light paint shades as you see fit but don’t overload your brush, a tiny dab of paint will go a long way.  Once completely dry repeat on the reverse.

DIY wedding decorations
Leave to dry.  You can see from my stars that each is slightly different and that’s their beauty so don’t worry about being uber neat.

ombre decorations


So you have your DIY ombre star decorations now you can either add a luggage tag with a Christmas message (as I’ve done) or simply add the Bakers Twine and hang on your tree.  But these decorations aren’t just for Christmas you could use them for wedding guest place settings or wedding decorations in a variety of sizes.  And now you’ve mastered the ombre paint effect you can apply the technique to any item.

DIY ombre star decorations

Have fun!