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This is one tutorial I’m itching to try it out.  Flower chandeliers have been such a popular choice for weddings and events that it’s about time I gave it a whirl.  Of course the grand ones created by the floral professionals for my clients this year are a bit far off my skill set.  But, for stay at home parties and hey Halloween is just around the corner (not to mention Xmas) this is just the wow factor I could quite manage.

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This step-by-step guide from the team at ProFlowers is the easiest I’ve found so wanted to share with you Bijou Brides here.  There’s a video tutorial at the bottom too for those that just don’t do static guides!


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  • Fresh flowers & Foliage – Consider which blooms are in season and also which flowers will hold up the longest without water. The florals you select should have long stems, this will make it easier to attach the flowers by threading them through the base.
  • Floral hoop – We recommend a hoop that is 19 inches in diameter, but you can choose any size, as long as it’s smaller than the large wire wreath.
  • Large wire wreath – A large wire wreath frame will act as the base of your chandelier. We recommend one that is 24 inches in diameter. If you’re not able to find a suitable wire frame, a hula hoop will work just fine. A green hoop is ideal for this project, but if you can’t find one, you can always paint it.
  • Floral tape – For strength and elasticity. It also comes in natural hues like greens and browns which blend well with flowers.
  • Floral wire
  • Fishing line – You’ll need fishing line to hang your chandelier. You can also opt for twine, string or ribbon if you’re going for a rustic or vintage feel.
  • Scissors
  • Crimp tubes – You’ll use crimp tubes to secure your fishing line in place. These are small metal rings that will make it so your knots don’t slip out of the fishing line.
  • Pliers

flower chandelier flowers

We recommend the following blooms:

  • Pink Hyacinths
  • Carnations
  • Amaranthus
  • Hydrangeas
  • Baby’s Breath
  • Craspedia
  • Peonies
  • Dahlia Buds


flower chandelier step 1

Step 1: Attach the large wire wreath to the floral hoop with the fishing line.

You should determine how far apart you want the wire wreath and the floral hoop to be, and then cut that amount of string in four pieces. Each piece of fishing line should be of the same length so that your chandelier hangs steadily. Attach the large wire wreath and the floral hoop together using the four pieces of fishing line evenly spaced around the diameter. Secure the line with traditional knots and a few pieces of scotch tape.

Pro Tip: Secure the knots using crimp tubes and pliers for a more steady chandelier.

Step 2: Start by wrapping lengths of greenery and foliage around the small floral hoop.

Wrap the pieces around the hoop using a small piece of floral wire in order to secure them. Use the tape where you want to guarantee your greenery will stay put or where you think it is needed. You can also use a combination of both. Although, we mainly used the floral wire. Keep in mind the more secure your chandelier is, the better. Make sure that the foliage hangs naturally as you are wrapping. Distribute the greenery evenly and avoid leaving any open spaces between the wire ring and the large metal ring. You won’t be adding any flowers to the top tier of your chandelier, so feel free to make the foliage as dense as you’d like.

Pro Tip: Wind each piece of foliage around the wire ring for added support before attaching with the tape or floral wire.

flower chandelier step 3

Step 3: Next, add greenery to the base of your chandelier, the large wire wreath.

After you’ve finished the top tier of your chandelier, move on to designing the bottom. This portion is the base of your chandelier, so create layers and design with intention as this is the part that’s most visible to guests. Start by adding a few layers of foliage wrapping each individual piece around the wire wreath one at a time securing with a small piece of floral wire. Be mindful of the manner in which the foliage hangs and set it in place using the wire and tape as needed.

flower chandelier step 4

Step 4: Hang your chandelier.

It will be easier to design and assemble your flower chandelier while it’s hanging. Suspend the structure using fishing line, twine or ribbon, taking into consideration how the chandelier will hang. Will it be attached to the ceiling? An exposed beam? You should also consider the height you’d like your chandelier to be, and measure the length of line accordingly. Use three pieces of twine or fishing line of the same length to hang the chandelier. This will assure it’s balanced and will hang correctly. Secure your chandelier by tying extra knots and using crimp tubes and pliers to keep them in place.

Step 5: Attach flowers to the large wire wreath.

Once you have a layer of greenery, it’s time to add the fresh blooms. Attach each bloom one-by-one by placing the stem into the foliage. Intertwining the stems of each flower through the greenery will help make sure that they stay put. Create clusters of three flowers equidistant from one another around the large wire wreath frame and then design how you’d like. Creating something unique is the best part of this project. Plus, it doesn’t have to be perfect!

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Step 6: Fill in gaps of your chandelier with small flowers and extra greenery.

Use smaller blooms and vines to fill in the gaps of your chandelier. Consider balance, color and shape of the flowers as you are adding in a few extra.

  • Mist your chandelier with water before your guests arrive to ensure that your flowers look their freshest for the celebration.
  • Avoid hanging your chandelier in direct sunlight, near heating and cooling vents or near open windows.

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And here’s the video version:

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