Sunday December 2 2012.


I’m not going to lie, I am a massive Christmas geek.  I couldn’t wait for the 1st December to come around so I could put up the tree and garnish my home with glitter and baubles.  This year unsurprisingly I’m gunning for glitter and a predominantly silver colour scheme.  Although I’m not the most gifted craftswoman there are a few DIY Christmas decor ideas I thought you Bijou brides might like to see and perhaps incorporate into your Wedding decor.

One of the cheapest and most effective DIY Christmas decor ideas is simply to collect glass bottles and jars, clean them and spray paint them.  You’d be surprised how many glass bottles you can rack up in a couple of weeks, Wine, Olive Oil, Beer, the more interesting the shape the better.  Some labels are harder to remove then others, I find soaking in very hot, soapy water does the trick.  There are all many of spray paints to choose from in your local DIY store including glitter sprays!  I also sprayed some twigs to compliment the Christmas red roses.

DIY christmas decor In a similar vein to the glitterized bottles you can pretty much spray paint anything.  I bought a cheap set of plastic safari animals from eBay and sprayed them silver.  But to give them even more va va voom, I painted one part (like the Lion’s mane below) with craft glue and dipped them in a different colour glitter.  These could be great for guest place settings, simply add names with a permanent marker pen.

DIY christmas decorations

My last DIY Christmas decor idea doesn’t really involve any DIY but looks awesome.  Grab some see through plastic thread, blu tak and Christmas baubles then stick them at different lengths across a beam on your ceiling.  Simple and effective and would look great at a Wedding.

DIY christmas decor baubles

I also read some fabulous DIY Christmas gift ideas in this week’s Grazia, my favourites were the Chocolate truffles and flavoured Vodka.  It’s a bit too early to make them now but you could easily replicate the idea for your Wedding favours.

Here’s a recipe for Chocolate Truffles from BBC Good Food:

Happy {Christmas-y} Sunday!