Tuesday February 28 2012.


A couple of weeks ago whilst helping my Mum sort through the attic of what-nots and trinkets, we uncovered a bunch of photo albums and I had the dreadful realisation that I have been sporting the same everyday make up look for over 10 years!  My signature look of, in essence, a slightly shimmery shadow and a slick of liquid eyeliner is in need of a desperate update.  So I have been turning to Beauty blogs for tips and tutorials and one of my favourite discoveries is Rose Beauty but guess what… I managed to persuade the lovely Sundari from Rose Beauty to write a guest post especially for you Bijou Brides.  Sundari is going to offer her top DIY Bridal make up and skincare tips for those who plan to Do It Themselves, over to Sundari…

If you cannot afford a make-up artist for your big day, fear not with a few essentials you will be able to keep your makeup looking great plus you’ll have done it yourself.


First of all is your skin. Now the big advice here is DON’T do anything dramatic to your skin a week or so before your big day.. for example a facemask etc. You could have a break out or an allergic reaction and you’ll stress yourself out by worrying whether it will be ok by the morning.  Make sure if you’re going to make any changes to your skin routine, do it months in advance and keep it simple!

Water is the big MUST, we all know it does wonders for you and your skin but here are some other skin care products I can recommend as they’ve worked for me and swear by them: The Garnier No Alcohol Skin Care range, No 7 Exfoiliator, Oilatum Face repair cream, St Ives facial scrubs.


I recommended going down to your nearest Make up Department and asking the shop assistants to help you find your perfect colour match. You can even bag a few testers to trial at home and see which you feel suits you more.  There are options for full coverage or lighter bases and all sorts of finishes as well, from Matte to Satin.  I personally use MAC Satin Finish Foundation as an everyday basis as I like a dewy look to my skin.  However if you have oily skin, it is best to stick with a matte formula.

An addition to foundation you can also use a PRIMER. We all know Weddings are a full day of fun, so you’ll need your make up to stay as fresh as possible throughout the eventful day.  A Primer is the best way to ensure this, I can recommend the Laura Mercier Primer and the MAC Finishing Spray.  Use Primer as a base before you put your foundation on and it will keep you looking fab from dawn till dusk!

You can also get eyelid primers which keep your shadows intact and prevent creasing, I recommend Urban Decay’s Primer Potion.


The trend for 2012 is very much a natural flushed look, keeping the Bride closest to her natural appearance.  This follows on from the wonderful Catherine Middleton who chose a make up style which emphasised her features and made sure William recognised her!   I tend to prefer blushes which represent the colour your cheeks go when you’re cold.  For me a cheek tint also goes a long way, Benefit have a range of cheek & lip tints which are great at giving that natural look. But keep in mind that you may want to go a little stronger though as with photographs, your makeup will need to be slightly heavier to show up.

diy bridal make up


I really recommend collecting some good quality natural tones from your favourite Make Up Store and having the beauty assistant show you how she would use these on your eyes, making sure you tell them you’re practicing for your Wedding day.  You’ll pick up on the techniques they use to give your eyes subtle emphasis.  I use the Urban Decay NAKED palettes as they offer a good selection of natural colours however they aren’t suited to all skin tones.

Another exciting thing you can add to your look are FALSE LASHES.  Now these can be fiddly little things but there are all sorts of ranges out there that make it easier, whether they’re preglued or have a handy string to help placing!  Don’t be scared of looking too over done, this day is about you looking like a slightly more glamorous you and some natural lashes with make sure you achieve just this! I recommend Eylure lashes.

OR you can just go for a great mascara that really opens up your eyes.  I recommend Bad Gal Lash from Benefit or the Soap and Glory Mascara, these have proved they are worth the cash!


Now this can be dependent on the style of Wedding you’ve gone for as the bold red lip is definitely coming back into style. However, if you want a more natural look find a gorgeous lip stain, balm or stick which you love.  I recommend Clinique Chubby Sticks as they are beautifully moisturising and have a great selection of colours, this product basically combines a balm with a stain.  MAC lipsticks also offer a wide range of different shades and finishes which are great to choose from. At the end of the day, it is something that you love and enhances you, so make sure you pick a colour you are 100% comfortable with.  My top tip would be to avoid the lip gloss it can be messy and gets everywhere.

diy bridal make up


As we discussed earlier it is a really long day and whether you have oily skin or not you will probably sweat a little.  Blotting Paper is a great quick way in keeping your skin fresh and not shiny, I recommend the Kleenex Shine Absorbing Powder Free Sheets as they are not only cheap but do an amazing job of getting rid of any excess oil on your face.  Plus the no powder will make sure it doesn’t ruin any you already have on.

Finally make sure you practice your DIY Bridal make up a few times so you know exactly what you want.  Take pictures of yourself so you can remember what you’ve done and note what you used and also BE PROUD that you’re doing your makeup.  You are in control and will look fabulous.

Rose Beauty xxx

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