Tuesday June 21 2011.


Hello ladies, I don’t know about you but I generally dislike going to the hairdressers – the tedious conversation, smell of hairspray that catches in your throat and overzealous hair cutting techniques – so wherever possible I try to do my hair myself.  In today’s post I’m going to share a Bijou DIY guide to Bridal Hair, focusing on two styles, the Side Bun and the Glam Ponytail that I hope will inspire you.


Dianna Agron worked this hairstyle to perfection at the Golden Globes earlier this year.  Here’s how you can get this bridal hairstyle in four easy steps.

Step One

Wash hair and leave to dry naturally – whenever possible this is the best option for your hair.  Once dry brush the front section of your hair (crown forwards) into a side parting.    

Step Two

Apply a Heat Protecting & Smoothing Spray all over and straighten with ceramic hairstraighteners.  Slightly backcomb hair around the crown, for maximum hold apply a little hairspray to your brush before backcombing. 

Step Three

Separate off the front fringe/sweep of hair and (using your fingers rather than a brush) pull the rest of your hair into a low side pony tail.  

Step Four

Divide the ponytail into three parts and wrap each in different directions to create a messy bun, securing with hair grips as you go.  To give this hairstyle a more bridal feel I recommend adding decorative bridal pins such as these pearl daisies from Atelier Rousseau.


Jennifer Lopez is the Queen of the Ponytail often choosing this style for the red carpet and I personally find that it makes for a modern bridal look.  Four steps to bridal hairstyle perfection…

Step One

Wash hair with a thickening shampoo/conditioner and blow dry in one inch thick sections, working from the base of the head up.  When blow drying I recommend using a bristle brush for a smooth finish, I buy the Mason Pearson child’s brushes as they are the perfect handbag size. If necessary, follow your blow dry with a ceramic straightener once over (always use a heat protection spray to minimise damage).

Step Two

Separate a top section of hair to the crown, I use 45degrees from the middle of my eyes as a guide.  This needs to be precise so ensure lines are straight before securing with a hairband.  

Step Three

Tightly brush remaining hair into a ponytail approximately two inches from the first top section ponytail. Secure both ponytails with a hairband.  If like me you lack Jennifer Lopez’s luscious thick hair you can use a fake hair ponytail clip in for extra volume.  Take a one inch piece of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrap around for a polished look.

Step Four

Maximise hold with a liberal dose of hairspray, I love the John Frieda Crystal Hold, Shape and Shimmer Spray which adds a celeb worthy shine.  For additional bridal sparkle accessorise the look with a birdcage veil or vintage brooch clipped over the top of the ponytail. 

Has this inspired you?  Bijou brides do get in touch if there’s a particular look you’d like to covet and I’ll be ready with a Bijou DIY guide.


Shopping List

Atelier Rousseau – Freshwater Pearl Daisy Pins £22.99 (for 3)

Trevor Sorbie – Beautifully Straightened Spray £5.10

Lily Bella Rose Comb Birdcage Veil £29

John Freida Crystal Hold, Shape & Shimmer Hairspray £5.40

Mason Pearson Child’s Bristle Brush £31