Tuesday September 1 2015.


When Interflora approached me to provide some inspiration for their latest DIY projects, it could only be a delicate flower crown tutorial.  It’s a style I’ve been coveting ever since falling in love with the Dolce & Gabbana daisy chain hair styles for Spring 2015.  After the dominance of bold flower crowns this look is softer, more refined and suitable for all seasons.  A fun DIY project for brides, bridesmaids and flower girls.

delicate flower crown tutorial


– 10 x sprigs of gypsophila

– 4 x peach/cream spray roses

– 5 x white lisianthus

– 7 x matricaria eximia

– Sprigs of thlaspi green bell

– Beaded ribbon (optional)

– Florist wire

– Florist tape

– Scissors

flower crown tutorial

Step 1
To make the base of your crown, tape two pre-cut lengths of florist wire together with florist tape. Cover the wire by wrapping a length of florist tape around it.

TOP TIP: To get the perfect fit, measure around your head with a length of yarn and cut your florist wire to size.

Step 2
Bend the wire into a circle, and twist the ends together to secure. For extra strength, wrap a small piece of florists tape around the join.

interflora diy

Step 3
Using a pair of sharp scissors, cut the stems of the flowers to approximately 2 inches long. To mount the flowers onto florist wire, fold a length of wire in half and hold against the flowers’ stem.

Step 4
Wrap one end of the wire repeatedly around the stem to secure.

flower crown tutorial

Step 5
Wrap a length of florist tape around the stem and wire to create a cleaner finish.

Step 6
Repeat until all flower heads are mounted on florist wire.

pink white flower crown diy

Step 7
Begin to attach the flowers to the crown by wrapping a long length of florist tape around each stem and the crown.

TOP TIP: Start the crown with sprigs of gypsophila and thlaspi green bell to create texture.

Step 8
Continue to arrange and attach the wired flowers to the crown, making sure to alternate the different types of flowers as you work along the length.

delicate flower crown DIY tutorial

TOP TIP: Consider the textures of flowers as you work around the crown. The florist has mixed textural gypsophila and thlaspi green bell with matricaria eximia, white lisianthus and spray roses to start this crown.

Step 9
Trim any excess wires and stems as you work around the crown to keep it neat and comfortable to wear!

Step 10
Continue building up alternating layers of flowers and foliage around the crown, until the head piece is filled with beautiful, delicate flowers.

delicate flower crown

TOP TIP: Use gypsophila and thlaspi green bell between the flower heads to create a stunning textural base for the crown.

Concept: Bijou Bride
Flowers: Kate Ward for Interflora
Photography: Cinzia Bruschini
Hair and Make Up: Elizabeth Clare
Venue: Withamside House