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I hold by my mantra that you can find Wedding inspiration everywhere and the renewed popularity of the Costume Drama on our TV screens is definitely a great source.  Recently I’ve enjoyed watching Parade’s End based on the book by Ford Maddox Ford, a real boundary pusher of it’s time and thoroughly enjoyable to watch.

And who doesn’t love Downton Abbey – Shirley Maclaine and Dame Maggie Smith’s hilarious rapport is my new guilty pleasure.  And not to spoil it for anyone but Lady Mary’s Wedding was a definite style moment.  There was lots to inspire early 1920’s, Vintage loving Brides-to-be from the super long veil to the trailing lily bouquet.  Psst… there’s another family Wedding to come tonight too!

lady mary wedding downton abbey

And a new one I’m looking forward to is The Paradise which kicks off on October, check out the trailer on Youtube and you’ll see why.

Happy Sunday viewing Bijou brides



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