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A random mix of finds this week on Sunday loves from Roald Dahl to a cool wedding mix.

cool wedding mix

1.   No one makes good songs about marriage anymore, well not any that can compete with ‘Chapel of Love’ and ‘Let’s Jump The Broomstick’.  If you love tracks recorded pre-1970 and are looking for a cool wedding mix to play for your guests or whilst you’re getting ready on the morning then you need this in your life.  The ‘Til Death Do Us Party’ mix created by my awesome DJ deck wizard friend Barry is so worth downloading.  I’ve been bopping around to this cool wedding mix all week and it is now my official Bijou playlist when I’m styling client weddings.

2.  I marvelled at the Roald Dahl Museum which is whimsically wonderful and not just for the kids.  We started off our adventure with a big slice of bogtrotter cake before playing fancy dress, getting competitive over colouring in, choosing fantasy houses and visiting Roald’s touching grave  where we could have sworn we saw BFG footprints!  It really was fun and they have fantastic storytellers who I thought would be a great way to keep kids entertained at a wedding.

Find out more about this amazing museum and the fantastical storytellers at –

3.  On Thursday I took my Dad for a birthday lunch at Babylon restaurant, Kensington Roof Gardens.  Typically restaurants don’t tend to be that inventive with the vegetarian dishes but this starter was all kinds of awesome.  Called the Vegetable Patch is was a baby veg ‘planted’ in mash with edible soil and a mushroom consumme served in a mini watering can.  If you’re looking to wow your wedding guests I would suggest taking a note of this.

You can view the full menu here –

4.  I need to dropkick my body into shape for summer and a friend’s wedding in two weeks… help??  Have you tried any new exercise routines that you think I should give a go?  I’m no good at dieting so don’t bother with those.

Image Credit – Olivia Newton John from Let’s Get Physical

5.  Not sure if I like my new mascara, have you tried this Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes Mascara?  It’s a great shade of blackest black and doesn’t budge all day but it sticks to lashes like a glue.  When I take it off it looks like little strings of black glue so I’m not sure if it’s damaging my lashes.  Very strange, like fairy magic.

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