Thursday November 28 2013.


Cocoe is a designer that I have such affection for, always thinking outside the meringue shaped box and experimenting with the new.  The Cocoe Voci Spring 2014 collection follows the designer’s inquisitive streak “I have been captivated by textures as of late.  Textures that are soft, cloud like and romantic.”

cocoe voci spring 2014


“I have experienced beautiful and delicious candy and pastry confections and noted how lovely these same finishes and textures would be on bridal gowns.  I tried to capture these looks into the fabrications and ornamentation for this latest collection.  I’ve worked with tulle, ribbons, roses, soutache and lace…all truly romantic.  A touch of gloss was added to some of the pieces by incorporating delicate sheen in the fabrics and beadwork (crystal-like finishes).”  The collection is a total delight and I’m loving the innovative and varied use of ruffles.

cocoe voci amelia dress


When I asked Cocoe if there is a particular muse for the latest collection, she answered “my muse is both real and imaginary.  She is the film character Rose Pamphyle in the film Populaire.  She is an ambitious young woman in 1950’s France… the collection has a touch of flavour from this period yet it maintains a very current look.  I love her look and her drive!  She is a COCOE VOCI bride!”

populaire muse

cocoe voci bellamy


cocoe voci spring 2014


My final question to Cocoe, to describe her work in just three words, the answer “Whimsical, Artistic and finely crafted.”  It certainly is.

lark wedding dress by cocoe voci


cocoe voci 2014 collection


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