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If you have young nieces, nephews, godchildren, brothers, sisters or your own children there is no question that they will be a part of your Wedding celebrations.  Of course you want everyone to enjoy themselves whether young or old and that’s where the professionals come in!  Of course it’s an expense so I’ve asked Kristen Harding a childcare expert at Tinies about why you even need childcare for Weddings.  Over to Kristen…

Planning for a wedding can be fun and at times a little stressful, but when the big day arrives, everyone wants it to be smooth sailing. The best way to make sure that happens is to take all of the potential stress points away from the bride and groom.  At Tinies Childcare we know it’s nice to have children at weddings, in fact we know they make the day even more special, but having an undetermined number of little ones running wild can be more than a little stress inducing. Hiring someone to take care of the little ones means:

Your guests can relax and enjoy, and so can the kids:
Having kids at weddings is not just stressful for the bride and groom, it also stressful for the guests – and the children! Children are not inclined to sit still for long periods of time, and parents struggle to focus when they are keeping an eye on the children – no one wants to be the one whose child starts crying during the ceremony, or who pulls down the drapes at a pivotal moment.

childcare for weddings

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You can decide when the children are involved:
There will be parts of the ceremony that you want the children involved with, and other parts that will run more smoothly without little voices, sticky fingers and mischievous actions. Having someone else taking care of the children means you can pick and choose when they are involves and know that they will arrive on schedule – another thing off your to do list.

Having small children around cables and wires and tufts of fabric can be an accident waiting to happen. From photography equipment to open flames and by the end of the day alcohol, it’s comforting to know that on your special day, someone else is looking out for the potential disasters and keeping the kids safe and sound. Having an area where they are being looked after means risk assessments can be done on smaller areas and not hinder your special day.

Cost to your guests:
The cost of babysitters can be prohibitive for individual families, especially if they have to travel to the wedding, however when the cost is split between the guests, it can become affordable for everyone. The bride and groom may choose to cover the cost of childcare or may ask parents to chip in.

Peace of mind:
Having someone else take care of things on your special day means you can relax, and enjoy. Knowing that the children are in the hands of the professional’s means you can enjoy the day and not worry about what might happen. You can make all of the decision in advance, brief the team and – trust us – at the end of the day the children will have rave reviews about the day they’ve had.

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