Wednesday March 30 2011.


It is a dilemma always faced by brides, what to dress the Bridesmaids in?  

You have your bestest bridesmaid pals at the ready and together you traipse around shopping centres and trawl through the internet but to no avail – each bridesmaid is a different shape and size, what suits one looks dreadful on the next.  It’s ridiculously time consuming and spoils the fun.  

Well ladies I think I have found the solution for you in Butter by Nadia‘s revolutionary Signature Dress.  The genius is that the dress can be worn in a variety of styles to suit each individual bridesmaid, petites can rock a strapless and friends conscious of their non-existent bat wings (we all have them!) can choose a sleeve.  Having the same fabric keeps the bridesmaid look cohesive whilst the different styles will look totally modern.

Long & Elegant


Short & Sweet

I’ve picked out just two designs but brides/ bridesmaids you can view the full range here:

And if the dresses are out of your budget for purchase, you can hire them from another of my new favourite sites: and get some unique bridesmaid’s style.

Now relax and sip cocktails with your gorgeous bridesmaids whilst Bijou hunts for more fabulous finds.