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Who doesn’t love the humble plait?  It is such a versatile look and great for weddings, so today I wanted to take you through a bridesmaid plait tutorial.  What I love about this half up, half down style is that it will suit bridesmaids of all ages, young and old.

bridesmaid plait tutorial

You can decide if the look works better messy and bohemian or neater and elegant, just adjust the amount of curling to suit your wedding day.

bridesmaid plait tutorial with flowers tutorial

Bridesmaid Plait Tutorial

1.  First spritz hair with a heat defence spray and divide into sections.  Curl wide pieces of hair using GHD straighteners from the nape of the neck down to the ends.  Once curled immediately twist into mini buns and allow to cool.  These wide curls give a more laid back and bohemian look but as mentioned you can adjust the tightness of the curls to suit your day.

2.  Spray hairspray across the mini buns and then release, using your fingers to comb through the curls.  Take your thumbs up from behind your ears to the crown of the head, to gather the hair that will form the plaited section.  I’ve created a fishtail plait by dividing the top section of hair and two, then taking a piece of hair (approximately 1cm wide) from the bottom of the left section around to the left and over to join the right section.  Alternate from left to right until your fishtail plait is complete and secure with a hair elastic.

3.  Loosen the fishtail plait gently.

4.  Finally decorate with flower buds to match your chosen bouquet or corsage securing in place using kirby grips.

Voila!  I hope you enjoyed this bridesmaid plait tutorial and if you have a request for the next tutorial do get in touch or leave a comment.

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