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I don’t profess to be an expert on everything ‘Wedding’ but I am lucky enough to know some great professionals to make sure you are!  Today’s post will leave you with an easy shopping list for creating your bridal touch up kit, an essential item for your Wedding day.  L.A. based make-up Artist Maribel Hernandez, owner of Passion for Make Up (check them out here: is teaching us how to stay flawless all day even after your make-up artist has left the building.  Over to our make up maestro Maribel…

bridal touch up kit

Image Credit – Pure Love Photography

You have paid for the make-up artist to make you look your absolute best on your Wedding day, so it is essential to make sure you continue looking your best throughout the entire event.  As the bride you will be the subject of hundreds of photographs and you want your make-up to be flawless in every single one of them.  You have two options: 1) hire the make-up artist to remain on-call to apply all necessary touch-ups or 2) purchase a bridal touch-up kit.

Compiling a bridal touch up kit with the help of your make-up artist is clearly the more affordable option!  At a minimum, I recommend the items below, divided into five easy categories so you can create your shopping list now.


You should not have any need to reapply your eye make-up if it is applied correctly, with the exception of eyeliner, which can run as a result of tears. And similarly though false lashes should not come off, it is possible that they will detach for reasons such as rubbing your eyes.  So be sure to pack in your bridal touch up kit:

1. Eyeliner
2. Lash glue

bridal touch up kit

Image Credit – Derek Althen Photography


Lipstick and lip-gloss, no matter how transfer-resistant a beauty brand advertises its product, will transfer.  It is not a question of if but when. Kissing, eating, and drinking will wreak havoc on your lip make-up, so it is essential you have the following, all of which can come in a full-size or mini (purse friendly) version:

1. Lipstick
2. Lipliner
3. Lipgloss

Passion For Make Up

Image Credit – Derek Althen Photography


It is inevitable that you will perspire on your Wedding day, and perspiration and your skin’s natural oils need to be removed to keep you looking your best.  To ensure your skin remains dry and beautiful, you should have the following in your bridal touch up kit:

1. Blotting tissue
2. Refreshing spray
3. Blush
4. Translucent powder

wedding touch up kit

Image Credit – Deverill Weekes Photography


Having the right products is only helpful if you have the tools to apply them.  Therefore, your bridal touch-up kit should contain:

1. Mirror
2. Blush brush
3. Pencil sharpener
4. Sponges
5. Powder puff


In addition to the above, I also recommend having the following at hand:

1. Make-up remover wipes
2. Tissues
3. Cotton swabs

There’s a few items on there I could do with!  Thanks Maribel, if you’d like to find out more about the talented Maribel and her company Passion For Make Up, head to:


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