Wednesday September 11 2013.


Today on the blog we’ll be discussing a wedding element you may not have considered – your perfume.  These bridal perfume ideas will help you find your signature scent.

bridal perfume ideas

Petra Hegedus for ‘No Black Clouds for Dee Dee’ in Toh! Magazine by Yuji Watanabe

Our sense of smell is a powerful memory trigger because the olfactory bulb is part of the brain’s limbic system, an area so closely associated with memory and feeling it’s sometimes called the “emotional brain.”  Finding a signature bridal scent will not only conjure up memories of the special day for you but also your partner every time you wear it afterwards.  Who doesn’t adore that special occasions only pair of shoes, jewellery or handbag and perfume should be the same.  The key is to get the right fragrance to encapsulate you and your wedding day.  I took a visit to Avery Perfumery in London to get some tips from the experts.

avery perfumery

Inside Avery Perfumery

Tucked away in Mayfair it is a real treasure trove of fragrances and has almost mystic appearance with unusual bottles hidden under bell jars.  The store houses a number of inspiring perfume houses that you won’t find in your local drug store!  From Visual Artist Andrea Maack with her unique scents such as ‘Craft’ which includes cold ice, aldehydes and metal accords into one sparkly scent to NasoMatto, who wants his  “… perfumes to have an intelligence of their own, not just be slaves to my meaning” and Boadicea The Victorious inspired by the legend of the powerful warrior queen.  It is quite the experience and would be great shared with your bridesmaids or mother.

Picking Your Perfume

  • This could be with your husband in mind or specifically to suit the style of your wedding or your personality.  If your wedding is a fun garden party, something light with a touch of fresh grass and daisies might be best suited. Whereas an elegant vintage deco soiree would suit something more rich and encapsulating.
  • Also think about how you want to feel on the day, is your bridal style sexy, seductive  and powerful or girly, innocent and pure?
  • Quality true parfum will be more enduring than typical high street eau de toilettes.
  • Once a fragrance has caught your attention, next test it on your skin.  The ingredients react with your body and can subtly change the scent.

marilyn monroe chanel no5 perfume

Where to Wear:

  • I loved this tip “anywhere you want to be kissed”!
  • Warmer parts of the body will give a longer lasting effect.
  • Silks and natural fabrics also hold scent better than synthetics but be careful with pale clothing and possible staining.

Are there any bridal perfume ideas and tips I’ve missed?  If so do add a comment to this post below.

To visit Avery and discover your signature scent or book an exclusive appointment with your best ladies visit: