Tuesday November 4 2014.


If you’re looking to create your own big-day look, perhaps you have a destination wedding or simply want to do it yourself then today’s post is a must read.  Award-winning hair stylist and makeup artist Tori Harris offers one-to-one or group bridal makeup masterclass lessons and I was lucky enough to attend one along with a bunch of lovely bloggers at The Bingham.  What followed was an indulgent day of girly fun, great food, sunshine and an overhaul of my makeup bag!

bridal makeup masterclass tori harris

A Tori Harris bride captured by Jennifer Smith Photography

Tori put us at ease straight away even though we were all pretty mortified to be seen without our armour!  I was also embarrassed by the state of my makeup bag (mostly broken bits of eyeliner and crushed powder pots) so it was a relief that Tori let us play with her expert kit.  Typing out my notes, I realised just how much I learnt and hopefully these top tips will be insightful for you too.


  • Stippling.  What I hear you say?  I know, I had no idea either but this superhero makeup brush has an innovative duo-fiber design.  Now what that means is it picks up and holds product in the base bristles whilst the top, feathery bristles give you a smooth, flawless finish.  Say hello to a swoony airbrushed finish with your foundation and by using the smaller version of the brush Kim Kardashian worthy contouring.
  • Hairspray for the face.  This one was my standout product of the day, the NYX makeup setting spray.  Whether your desired bridal look is dewy or matt applying a mist of this will make it last all day.  Add it to your Christmas list now.

tori harris masterclass

the bingham wedding venue

  • The down low.  Place  your mirror directly under your chin so as to avoid scrunching up your eyes and causing smudging with mascara or eyeliner.
  • Follow the dots.  To achieve that ultimate, clean liquid liner look, mark the flick you want to achieve with small dots then simply join them up!  So simple yet so effective.
  • Gel.  I’ve never been convinced about gels but having finally road-tested an eyebrow gel I can report that it held them perfectly in position all day.  Another product added to my beauty shopping list and a must for brides.

how to apply mascara

  • Back of the hand.  Dab your blusher/ bronzer/ highlighter on the back of your hand before applying to the face.  This will help you avoid that dreaded streaky overload of product, just tap out excess on the back of the hand to safely build colour on the cheeks.
  • The only way is UP.  Always brush your face in a circular upward motion.  As we age you want to encourage a natural lift on the face rather than drag the fragile skin down.
  • Matt must have.  The biggest lesson I took away from this bridal makeup masterclass was that I was getting it all wrong with bronzer.  Having always used the really shimmery even glittery bronzer (you know I’m a magpie) it was surprising to learn from Tori that this is a big fail.  In fact you should use matt bronzer if you want to create a flattering contoured look.  I’ve since changed allegiance to matt and received countless compliments.


  • Conceal.  This one is bizarre but true, if you line the outside of lips with concealer (using a brush) it will really make your lipstick colour pop with the added bonus of making your lips look bigger.  If you have small lips like me, this one tip will transform your makeup routine.
  • Line and a cross.  Don’t just whirl lipstick around your lips start by making a small line across the bottom edge of your bottom lip.  And then a ‘X’ across your cupids bow, this defines your lips and makes it easy to add lipstick after.  Here’s me mastering the technique.

applying lipstick bridal
The day was a total blast and this video sums up the countless girly giggles and beautiful setting.

Find out more about Tori’s masterclasses and bridal packages at Tori Harris Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist


Venue – The Bingham

Photographer – Gary Nunn Photography

Video – Propose PR