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Amidst the fashion furore at Met Gala I spied a penchant for knotted hairstyles and flashes of pink amongst the world’s most stylish.  Notably Diane Kruger and Emmy Rossum who I wanted to imitate with this knotted bridal hairstyle tutorial.   Luckily I had the multi-talented Lisa Alger from Essex Wedding Beauty (link) to demonstrate how to get the look.

knotted bridal hairstyle tutorial

bridal hairstyle tutorial

As you can see Lisa clipped in some baby pink extensions but the look would great without them too.  Instructions for this knotted bridal hairstyle tutorial as follows:
Step One
Brush hair and smooth front section using hair straighteners, smoothing any fly aways as you go.

Step TwoPick up a section of hair top right and split into three pieces as if you were to do a plait.  Drop the middle piece, taking the two outer pieces and knot them.

Step Three
Pull the two ends from your knot together to one side and pick up another piece of hair from the left and knot them together.

Step Four
Repeat step three alternating the side you select the pick up piece from (would be right in the next knot and then left) moving around the head from right to left.

Step Five
Double knot the final two pieces of hair at the nape of the neck.

Step Six
Secure with a band leaving a ponytail to the one side, wrap a piece of hair around the ponytail to finish the look.  Curl lengths of hair in ponytail using either a curling wand or straighteners.

Step Seven
Tidy up top section using grips and smooth with hairspray as necessary.

Step Eight
Finish with a blast of shine spray.
It’s relatively easy so why not give it a go this weekend.
knotted bridal hairstyle tutorial

Huge thanks to the lovely Lisa for sharing her expertise, fingers crossed we’ll get her back soon for more tutorials.

Image  & Tutorial Credit:

essex wedding beauty

Our expert Lisa from Essex Wedding Beauty

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