Tuesday June 3 2014.


It’s about time I started sharing my wedding planner knowledge with you lovely readers, so new to the blog is The Bijou Bride Guide.  First up as we are hitting the height of wedding season I want to tackle the all important bridal emergency kit bag.

the bijou bride

If you’re running out of time, stressing with all the other planning tasks, just hand the job of building your bridal emergency kit bag to your bridesmaids or a stylish sister.  In my experience your close friends and family will be only too happy to help plus this could be their gift to you.  If you’re picturing a huge sports bag packed with cumbersome goods, don’t worry the industry term ‘kit bag’ is a deceptive title.  This is more of a clutch or pretty make up bag packed full of wedding day essentials.

So here’s what you should be packing for bridal perfection all day long:

bridal emergency kit bag


Obviously the bag will be all the more special if it’s a keepsake and new for the day!

– Rock On Pandora Clutch from Charlotte Olympia

Tissues and blotting paper packs, go without saying really.  Tissues for the tears and blotting paper to delicately soak up at sweaty patches.

– Tatcha Blotting Paper from Space NK

Your bridal makeup will require the odd top up throughout the day so have the essentials – lipstick, concealer and mascara to hand when you need them.

– Lips in Saint Lipstick from Topshop

Stay smelling sweet with a mini-deodorant or tester sample of your favourite perfume which will save on space.

– L’Occitane Rose ET Reines Perfume from HQ Hair

Pack a few hair grips, bands and a travel size brush to keep locks locked.

– Orelia Lace Elastic Hair bands from ASOS

Include a compact mirror for bridal makeup checks on the go.

– Fashion Targets Palm Tree Mirror from Topshop

Another face essential are makeup remover wipes or buds.  The buds would be my preference as they allow you to be more precise with your corrections.

– On the Spot Eye Makeup Remover Swabs from BareMinerals

You will be kissing your beloved a lot so a little breath freshener will go a long way.

– Kissing Elixirs All Natural Cinnamint Freshener from Space NK

Comfort is key and if you don’t want to change into more sensible flats, I suggest you load up on shoe cushions and heel protectors.  There are so many fab affordable products out there now from gel dots to memory foam insoles, experiment to fit your perfect fit.

– Tip Toe Hearts Shoe Cushions from Foot Petals

There are no excuses for un-ladylike flashes, protect your modesty with fashion tape, nipple petals and a good, old fashioned safety pin.

– Fashion Forms Tape Dispenser from ASOS

Finally don’t forget any medicines you may need such as inhalers, hay fever tablets, insulin shots and painkillers.

DIY bridal emergency kit bag

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