Wednesday November 2 2016.


Bridal beach waves hair tutorial, let’s do this.  Those elusive perfectly wavy locks are top of my hair goals and now we can nail the look it together.  The Head Stylist at Duck & Dry (the finest blow dry bar in London don’t you know) is sharing their know-how in 5 easy steps.

Step 1: Squeeze it out

Wrap the towel around the hair and gently press to squeeze the moisture out. Always avoid rubbing the hair as it causes friction which leaves hair dry and brittle.  Follow by removing tangles with a wide tooth comb or a tangle teaser.  For even better results, use a light leave in conditioner such as Duck & Dry’s Instant TLC which leaves the hair smooth and frizz-free and acts as a perfect detangler.
Step 2: The prep
Spritz your desired texturizing spray on the towel-dried hair from mid-lengths to the ends to achieve the perfect beachy texture and grip.

duck and dry hair tutorial

Our Duck & Dry Blow Dry In a Bottle is an all-in-one styling product that gives the ultimate root lift, plumpness throughout, texture and shine – everything needed for the amazing beachwaves. Less is more when using a texturizing product so start small and build more if needed.  While volume for those with fine hair is important, it is the texture and hold of the styling product that allows for a better grip when styling and holds your desired style in place for longer!

Step 3: Rough dry it

Flip your head upside down and start rough drying the hair to about 80% dry. Use your fingers to tousle small sections while moving the heat around the scalp and strands as this will add natural-looking volume to your hair and increase the effect of the styling product.

Step 4: Tong away!

To achieve the beachy style, take random sections of your hair and wrap them around a medium-sized tong. Leave the ends straight for the natural, carefree look.

bridal beach waves tutorial

Once hair is removed from the tong, gently pull each section downwards to soften the curl. Repeat this step throughout the whole head.

Step 5: Shake it out

When tonging is complete, give hair a good shake with your hand to achieve the undone beach look. Adjust the hairstyle according to your parting and finish it off with a lightweight hairspray.

beach waves hair tutorial


Tutorial & styling images – Duck & Dry :

Model: Sarah Connor from Style Tonic

Products used: Blow Dry In A Bottle, Instant TLC