Thursday August 23 2012.


In the words of Rachel Zoe ‘I die’ Bona Drag Ceremonial Collection is off the chart.  I randomly discovered the California based online boutique run by a group of stylish friends last week and have been obsessed with their hotch potch fashion finds ever since.  The team behind Bona Drag describe it as “a shared camaraderie for those of us who seek out unique aesthetics and are fascinated by the secret language of style.”  These girls are speaking my language.  But guess what my Bijou brides… they have just launched their first bridal assortment Bona Drag Ceremonial Collection, making them our NKOTWB (New Kid On The Wedding Block).  The collections is made up of exclusive collaborations with some of the hottest designers on the planet – Mara Hoffman, Lindsey Thornburg, With Hearts in My Eyes, Anna Sheffield, Unearthen, Samantha Pleet, Meredith Kahn of Made Her Think, and Pamela Love – my Bijou edit below.

Bona Drag Ceremonial Collection

The collection is a collision of bohemian mysticism with rock aesthetics perfect for brides on the hunt for something a bit edgy.


NY designer Mara Hoffman has created her first ready-to-wear bridal gowns exclusively for the Bona Drag Ceremonial Collection.  Mara explains how she likes “to give each creation a blessing and prayer for a life of happiness and love.”  The All Seeing & Beaded Black dresses incorporate Mara’s love of tribal prints and bohemian styles.

I love the all seeing eye featured on the centre of the beaded band here, one should enter marriage with one’s eyes open.

mara hoffman wedding dress

Mara Hoffman All Seeing Wedding Dress

bona drag ceremonial collection

Mara Hoffman All Seeing Wedding dress

Mara’s tribal prints play a bigger role in this beaded black dress with its unique train.

tribal print wedding dress

Mara Hoffman Beaded Black gown

black white wedding dress

Mara Hoffman Beaded Black gown

With Hearts In My Eyes have created this understated figure hugging wedding dress.

with hearts in my eyes wedding dress

With Hearts In My Eyes Ivory Leopard Bias Wedding dress

Lindsey Thornburg has created a reversible dress so you can decide how you style it for your Wedding day.  I like the idea of wearing it one way for the ceremony and then switching it around for the evening celebrations.

reversible wedding dress

Lindsey Thornburg Ivory Silk Heroine gown

Or to the back…

lindsey thornburg wedding dress

Lindsey Thornburg Heroine gown

Similarly inspired by the mystic Australian brand Lover created this Wiccan lace, fit and flare dress.

lover bona drag ceremonial collection

Lover Ivory Wiccan dress


Meredith Kahn of Made Her Think has created a number of unique pieces for the collection and explains “when developing Meredith Kahn Bridal, I wanted to incorporate unique and timeless details that were soft and feminine but would continue to steel the heart of the girl that wants to have something with more of an edge.”  One such piece for the Bona Drag Ceremonial Collection is this double eternity ring, the chained idea is so unique and definitely suited to stylish brides.  Psst….Rose gold is making a come back, you heard it here first.

bona drag eternity rings

Made Her Think 14K Rose gold band rings, one a tiny smaller than the other, set white diamonds

made her think jewellery

Made Her Think Eternity rings

Mr Merri and I are seriously considering buying these next rings because we have fallen head of heels for them.  The Unearthern Crown Heirloom Set can be worn together or separately – one by you and one by your partner.  We just adore the symbolism of the two rings fitting together  in unity and compatibility – the perfect marriage material.

unearthern jewellery

Unearthern Heirloom Ring Set

unearthern ring set

Unearthern Heirloom Ring Set

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