Saturday November 8 2014.


Do you read the Emmaline Bride blog?  I’m such a big fan of Emma’s daily dose of handcrafted wedding inspiration so I was not surprised to find her talents have been snapped up by the publishing world.  New book The Inspired Wedding is a comprehensive collection of wedding ideas including Emma’s easy to follow creative craft tips and ideas for personalising your big day which centre around seven themes.  It’s a coffee table must have and I’m so excited that Emma is sharing an exclusive snippet today with us; note pads at the ready for this Boho Wedding style guide.

the inspired wedding book emmaline bride


You just can’t beat the romantic and whimsical feel of a boho-style wedding. In my new book, The Inspired Wedding, I dedicate an entire chapter to a bohemian-inspired theme, one of my favorite styles. This theme embodies a laid back approach, which means there are no rules, and there are countless ways to make it your own.  The ideal setting for a boho ceremony is outdoors, with a glorious backdrop of Mother Nature, and a tented or covered pergola reception area. Here are six of my favorite boho wedding ideas to get your creative ideas flowing.
1. For Your Attire
For a boho wedding, the dress should have a flowing and romantic feel. Look for an eye-catching piece made of gathered tulle, organza, or chiffon with a soft billowy train. You’ll see some contemporary designers utilizing that coveted free-spirited “hippie” feel to their collections because of the creative freedom it allows. You can make any dress your own by incorporating boho inspired accessories, like beading, crystals, feathers, or fringing.

boho wedding style guide

Wedding dress by Claire La Faye. Photography by Lavenda Memory

2. For Your Ceremony

For your outdoor ceremony space, you may wish to frame the area with a backdrop or focal point where you’ll recite your vows. An arch is one of my go-to ideas because it is easy to assemble and style. You can make it your own by adding transparent draped fabric or flowers. An arch that shows off natural wood is another stunning example; adorn with your favorite flowers by attaching stems with twine or clear zip ties.

3. For Your Hair

For a boho wedding, hair wreaths made of flowers tend to replace the traditional veil. One of my favorites is this blush blossoms wreath by Mignonne Handmade.

flower crown Mignonne Handmade

Flower Crown by Mignonne Handmade

4. For Your Bridesmaids

For this theme, a mismatched bridesmaid style is in keeping with the “no rules” approach. This means the dresses do not need to match at all, which follows the relaxed atmosphere of this wedding theme. However, if you wish to have a cohesive feel, select a color for each bridesmaid to wear and she can select a dress she loves in that shade. As a result, your bridesmaids will coordinate without having to wear the same exact dress. Any style bridesmaid dress works here; maxi dresses, knee length, mini, short sleeves, long sleeves, a-line, or empire; anything goes. Source your dresses from places your bridesmaids would like to shop, whether that is J.Crew, Free People, Anthropologie, or a favorite department store so her dress is really something she would love to wear again.

5. For Your Cake

For a boho wedding, a naked wedding cake is always a popular choice. A naked wedding cake has no frosting on the exterior, allowing the fillings to take the spotlight.

6. For Your Flowers

Flowers for a boho-style wedding usually fall under the vintage category, which can include peonies, heritage roses, daisies, hellebores, or hydrangeas, just to name a few. You’ll also find eccentric details infused within bouquets, from spiky blue sea holly or amaranth, which makes a dramatic cascading effect.  Regardless of which flowers you select, they ought to have a causal, laid-back feel. Wildflowers tied together with twine or a bouquet of baby’s breath are two whimsical options that fall right in place with this theme.

For more Boho Wedding style guide tips and advice, check out the Boho chapter in Emma’s new book, The Inspired Wedding