Sunday May 8 2016.


The big reveal… here is the headpiece (well actually it’s a bridal headpiece and also a necklace!) I designed with the marvellous Natasha Jane for her new bridal accessories collection.

the bijou bride natasha jane headpiece

The Bijou Bride for Natasha Jane

I’m such a frustrated creative, I have the vision but lack the talent to actually draw, sew, paint and create.  That’s why styling and me are so well suited; best leave the actual crafting to the experts.  So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Natasha Jane got in touch to ask if I’d collaborate on her new collection along with some of my bridal blogging peers.  Hell yes, I was in.

Knowing Natasha Jane and how intricate her bridal headpieces are I sought inspiration in unusual vintage pieces.  We started with a Pinterest board of ideas.  Having spotted a trend on the bridal and fashion catwalks for headpieces that sculpted around the back the head we ran with that idea.  It was particularly popular with fashionistas in the 1930s.  Natasha Jane then sketched out and planned the materials, sending lots of photos along the way.  A true artisan, it’s amazing to see how much work goes into each individual piece.

bespoke bridal headpiece

bridal accessory designer

I also thought you Bijou brides would appreciate something that was adaptable, that you could wear again.  So I wanted the headpiece to be multi-way.  It’s nice to change up your look throughout the Wedding day and with this headdress you could simple unfasten after dinner and wear as a necklace for the partying.  Which also means you can wear it again and again after the festivities have finished.  You can also fashion it in multiple ways with the main beading worn at the back in a boho style or with the beading at the front with hair plaited or looped around the back band.  With veil or without.  Your choice.

multi way bridal accessory headpiece necklace

The Bijou Bride for Natasha Jane

The other blogger collaboration pieces are pretty darn fine too.

you and your wedding natasha jane headpiece

You & Your Wedding for Natasha Jane

juno and joy natasha jane headpiece

Juno & Joy for Natasha Jane

want that wedding for natasha Jane

Want That Wedding for Natasha Jane

You can view the whole collection on Natasha Jane’s site and in select bridal boutiques around the Country, or find details of how to speak with Natasha Jane about your own bespoke piece –

Photographer: Olly Stabler
MUA: Omie Megan<
Hair: Jenn Edwards
Headpieces: Natasha Jane
Models: Maria Petrou (Y&YW and Want That Wedding) Chloe Mann (The Bijou Bride) and Juliet Nelson (Juno and Joy and So You’re Getting Married)