Tuesday June 28 2011.


I must say I have been looking forward to sharing this wedding for a while, it is utterly Bijou in mindset “I think it’s just my personality, to look different and to go for something, I’ve never seen before myself” says bride Kati.  This is a couple who were determined to celebrate in their own way, staying true to their personalities and luckily they had a wonderful photographer Jojo Stott on hand to capture it all.


Kati is spoilt having a fashion designer for a sister and in her own words “I had an idea of how it should look, and bought all the fabrics in England then went to Switzerland, where my sister designed and made it.”  Jealous.  Having a bespoke wedding dress made is a great way to ensure you bridal look is unique but it can also be very stressful.  Take the time to find the best dress designer, inspect their previous work and have LOTS of fittings. I would advise having your final fitting at least 4 weeks before your wedding day, this gives you enough time to amend any problems or worst case scenario find something else.

Kati paired her dress with Victoriana peep toe boots and a blue bow clip – and that was it.  No fussy veils or overbearing jewellery.


Tom managed to stay true to his rock and roll self, something a lot of Grooms struggle with.  In keeping with Kati’s short wedding dress Tom opted for 3/4 length shorts and wore shoes without socks.  And rather than feel constrained by a formal suit and tie Tom chose a collarless shirt and military style jacket, there’s something of the Chris Martin about it don’t you think?


I don’t often share wedding venues or setting details on my real bride posts but here it provides the context to the bride and groom’s style and shows more of the personality they sort to infuse throughout their wedding day.  “Myself and Tom really liked the idea of getting married on a farm and so, we decided to go for a not so typical wedding.  We don’t like traditions and therefore, we wanted to do everything in a non traditional way.”  Jojo Stott‘s Photography style perfectly captures the farmyard frivolity.

A very alternative venue, note the acoustic Guitarist on the veranda entertaining the guests.

Most couple’s wouldn’t dream of using an unfolded cardboard box for their reception signs but it completely works in this setting.

A washing line of sugary treats to keep the energy up on the dancefloor.

Farmyard friendly Hessian mat place settings with sweet favours.  Rather than fresh flowers Tom & Kati used dried flowers and twigs to decorate their guest tables.


I’ll leave the last word on this fun Farmyard wedding to the bride Kati, I’m sure it will inspire you Bijou brides.  “For us it was important for people to see our character shine through the wedding and to inspire other people, that actually, yes it is possible to celebrate a wedding how ever you like it.” 

Never a truer word spoken.


Jojo Stott Photography