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Yesterday I paid a visit to the St Albans Beer & Ale festival, although not a beer drinker I could appreciate the variety of tastes and diversity of brewers.  So with a fuzzy head this morning I wanted to see if there was an option for bespoke Wedding beer.  And I stumbled upon Little Brew, who produce custom brews from as little as 200 bottles.  And the fun part you can design your own recipe or let Brewmaster Stu cook you up something perfect for the occasion.  This could actually be a fun thing for Grooms and ushers to be part of, even an element of the Stag do.  And putting my stylist jacket on, imagine creating your own artwork for the labels that ties in with your Wedding theme.

bespoke wedding beerFood, well in fact bespoke Wedding beer for thought this Sunday.  You can find out more about Little Brew and custom beer options at:

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