Tuesday June 7 2011.


It’s the wedding the whole world has been waiting for (after the Royal wedding of course), this year Bella Swan marries Edward Cullen (sorry Werewolf fans she chose the Vampire) in Twilight’s Breaking Dawn.  If you haven’t seen the teaser trailer, check it out now:  

With hints of Bella’s bridal style but the smallest of glimpses of the dress – here’s a guide to imitating Bella’s Bridal look.

Bella’s Make Up

Recreate the soft smokey eye using a brown rather than black shadow – such as Mac’s ‘Shadowy Lady’ drawing around socket line and under bottom lashes. Finish with lashings of mascara.  Team with a barely there toffee shade of lipgloss – Mac’s C’Thru lipglass is pretty spot on.

Bella’s Hair

Firstly seperate a front side section of hair for plaiting later.  Next brush hair using a bristle brush to the nape of the neck and secure in a pony tail.  Loosely twist into a bun and secure with hair pins (for a more glamourous look you could use diamante or pearly bridal hair pins).  With the seperated front section plait and twist around bun again securing with pins.  Finally pull pieces of hair loose around the ears.  Finish the Bella look with a beautiful vintage hair slide – try HF Couture for some gorgeous pieces like the below.

I promise to follow this up with a post on the wedding dress as soon as more footage is released by the Breaking Dawn team.

Shopping List

Mac Shadowy Lady Eyeshadow

Mac C-Thru Tinted Lipglass

HF Couture