Sunday September 8 2013.


Before we get to my monthly beauty buys I have some exciting news…. Bijou made the shortlist in the Wedding Magazine Blog Awards.  Up against some awesome ladies in the Best Bridal Style & Fashion Blog category I’m beyond thrilled and wanted to thank you all for the votes that got me there.  If I can trouble you to take 30 seconds (yes I timed it) to tick the box for Bijou here –  and if I win, well virtual high fives and cake all round.

So to my monthly product discoveries that wound their way into my shopping bag.

beauty buys 

1. I purchased this Ultra Rich Face Scrub on my renewed quest for radiant skin.  This one I love because the shea butter and fine buffing nutshells leave my skin feeling smooth and moisturised rather than red and itchy.

Ultra Rich Face Scrub by L’Occitane – 

2.  Only one week to go until my holiday *must start emergency diet* so the sunscreen aisle got a lot of attention.  I am pretty pastey and dread the thought of leathery old skin, let alone skin cancer, so it’s high factors all the way for me.  I wear a SPF 50 on my face and a big hat but my hot new find is this shimmer filled body lotion.  I’m a sucker for a nice scent and Hawaiian Tropic just smells like holidays, the shimmer effect is really subtle but you know how much I love a touch of glitter!

Shimmer Effect Lotion SPF 40 by Hawaiian Tropic –

3.  Wedding Planning is a pretty stressful and high intensity job but I’ve been working really hard to give up the caffeine fixes.  To be honest I didn’t drink loads so the transition to de-caff tea hasn’t been too uncomfortable bar a couple of headaches early on.  I still need a little pick me up though (don’t worry I haven’t started on the Vodka!) and a spritz of this is just the ticket.  The peppermint has a cooling effect that makes your face zing and perks you up for the next task on the to do list.

Spray Misty For Me by Anatonimcals –

4.  Next on my beauty buys was actually a recommendation from girlfriends, I know this one is a staple in many a bathroom cabinet but I’ve always thought the best conditioners warranted a hefty price tag.  Super soft locks and a tiny cost given the mighty effects, I’m a convert now too.

3 Minute Miracle in Luscious Long by Aussie –

5.  After toying with facial washes and cleansing creams I’ve recognised that when it comes to bedtime, I’m just too darn lazy.  I’m back on the face wipes and these Nivea ones are the best around, they lather up the skin nicely and gently remove all my lashings of mascara.

Pure & Natural Refreshing Cleansing Wipes by Nivea –