Wednesday March 26 2014.


Music lovers, listen up – JustGiving have teamed up with Spotify to launch Guilty Pledgers – the world’s first fundraising app for charitable, music loving couples.

guilty pledgers

Want to do something charitable whilst celebrating your wedding?  The new Guilty Pledgers app enables your guests to donate money to a charity of your choice in exchange for adding their favourite (guilty pleasure) song to your wedding party.  So you get a kick-ass wedding playlist and do something for charity, that’s a win win situation in my book!

As a Spotify user you just do your usual Facebook sign in to set up your Guilty Pledgers party and your guests will be able to add their favourite tracks to the playlist from their smartphone or tablet.   Simple.  The app was the brainchild of Andy Whitlock, Ben Tomlinson and Katy Theakston who decided to combine their creative and technological experience to do something charitable in their spare time.  Guilty pledgers co-founder Andy Whitlock comments: “We wanted to make fundraising as feel-good as possible.  And what could feel better than partying to your absolute favourite tunes without your friends being able to judge you?”

Jamie Parkins, API and Platform Product Manager at JustGiving comments, “This is a really creative use of JustGiving’s API, which allows anyone to connect to JustGiving and donate simply and securely to a registered charity. We can see it being used anywhere from weddings to house parties and is a really fresh fundraising idea for charities to take to their supporters. It’s a really innovative way to embed fundraising in peoples’ lives and shows how much scope there is to use JustGiving to connect people with causes they care about in new ways.”

To find out more about setting up your Guilty Pledgers playlist or more about how it works, head to –