Sunday October 21 2012.


I was at a dear friend’s Wedding last weekend where I heard the best speeches ever, seriously every single one was witty and touching.  Personally the thought of giving a speech fills me with dread, I’m far too emotional and turn the colour of beetroot.  However sharing is caring and here, in my humble opinion are some key pointers I’ve picked up along the way for what makes a good speech.

a good speech bridesmaids

  • Strength in numbers, at last weekend’s Wedding the three ushers banded together for the traditional best man’s speech.  Don’t worry too much about what’s the norm, it is better to have people that want to speak rather than force those that are uncomfortable.  Increasingly I have seen the bride’s mother rather than father giving a speech for instance.
  • If you can’t think of any appropriate jokes please don’t bother, use old funny photos to raise a giggle instead.  As a guest there’s nothing worse than feeling pressured into a laugh and for you as the speaker, if people don’t laugh on cue it could throw you off track.
  • Similarly remember who is in your audience, avoid saying anything that might antagonise or upset the family and friends present.
  • Rather than a complete word-for-word print out of your speech, use flash cards as they will allow you to ad-lib.  Or if you really are not confident with that use bold type and underline key points which will make it easier for you if you lose your place.
  • Speak from the heart, you need not to gush about the Bride/ Groom but be honest and heartfelt with your speech.
  • Finally, practice makes perfect.  Read your speech out loud as many times as possible, it will make you feel more confident on the day and less likely to resort to the dreaded umm.

We all deserve a Sunday giggle, here’s the polar opposite of a good speech from Four Weddings and a Funeral.

Happy Sunday!